Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kyle Johnson proves "fastest" at the KO Propo Race this past weekend.

Kyle Johnson finished 2nd overall with his Tekin Powered Losi scte sc 4x4 at the Ko Propo race held at west coast rc. The race format had Kyle in triple a mains. Kyle won one of the three mains along with with two second place finishes. Kyle ran the fastest single laps all weekend with his Tekin powered Losi Scte proving consistent speed and bullet proof electronics package of the Tekin Rx8 and Pro 4 will put you on the podium!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tekin Driver Eric Salvas Wins at the USOW Champs!

Eric Salvas lined up 4th in the Late Model 13.5 with his Tekin Powered Custom Works car . The LM class had over 55+ entries. Eric was able to pull out the win over a star studded A main group. In the LM A-main ...all cars were using a Tekin RSpro.

Eric also qual'd 3rd in EDM but had to drive an ill handling car in the main settling for 6th overall.

Both Steve and Eric Salvas rubbed wheel to wheel in the super fast Mod Sprint class that had over 80 entries this year. The Salvas brothers both made the B along with other well respected racers such as Josh Cyrul, Arnie Fie, Jamie Tennies and others. This event was stacked to say the least!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Alan Burton Tq's and wins the 4th Annual Toys 4 Tots in Flowood Mississippi!

This past weekend marked the conclusion of the second annual Toys 4 Tots Shootout at the Flowood R/C Park in Jackson Mississippi. This event doubled in size for this year and had close to 150 entries. The true reason behind the event wast to give the racers a great event to race without worry of weather and to raise toys for children who otherwise may not have a happy Christmas Season. Almost 200 toys were raised and the event was a success. The track is large by indoor standards and had a great layout put in by Marc Beck and crew of the Flowood Facility. It has great dirt and even with cold temps laid down a great running line and provided good traction. The event offered Nitro and Electric classes.

Team Tekin's Alan Burton of Birmingham Alabama attended the event running Modified 2wd buggy and 1/8 Pro Nitro Buggy. Alan was able to secure the win in Nitro Buggy, and took TQ honors and the win in the full field of mod 2wd buggies!

Alan Burton: "The facility is amazing, and something to visit! We had a great time making the trip from Birmingham Alabama. My Tekin powered TLR 22 buggy was very good at this track and gave me a lot of confidence to pick some of the faster lines and stay out front. My Tekin system of choice was the Redline 8.5 with the RS Pro ESC. On this combo I run very little timing advance and it's smooth yet offers a lot of torque and speed. The thing I feel like Tekin has the advantage with is the smoothness of the systems, making it put down the power better and lower the lap times!"

Mike Applegate Tq's and podiums at the Jconcepts Clash!

This year’s clash was held in Coral Springs, Florida at CSRCCC.  The weather did not cooperate all weekend which brought wet and muddy track conditions.  Qualifying was scheduled to run four qualifiers, however due to weather it was cut to only two.  I ran 3 classes, stock buggy, stock truck, and Pro 2 Stock Short course.  I won all my heats in all three classes, but qualifying proved to be how good the track conditions were during your run.  After qualifying I was sitting 3rd in stock buggy and truck, and TQ in Pro 2 Stock.  I ended up finishing 5th in stock buggy, and dnf'd after leading stock truck due to a ball cup snapping, and finished 2nd in Pro 2 Stock short course after a complete downpour during the main.  The mains were 8 minutes and with the muddy conditions I was concerned about the extra weight hurting run times and burning up motors, but I ended up with the same gearing and everything was solid to the very end. The Tekins were powerful and fast all weekend !

Equipment used:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jeremy "The Fez" Felles wins the Illinois Indoor Champs!

Jeremy had this to say "I wanted to thank you and the team at Tekin for making my job as a representative easy. The RX8 is still performing flawlessly. I enjoy having the confidence to tell people that the RX8 and T8 motors are the most reliable, best performing 1/8th system on the market."

Monday, December 5, 2011

Dayton Miller wins Stock Truck at the 2011 Spektrum Race!

Going into the 4th round of qualifying Dayton Miller led Nathan Evans(Dustin Evans brother) by a tie breaker of best combined runs. Dayton bobbled near the end of the 4th round costing him the overall Tq by must 5 hundredths of a second!

Starting 2nd from the grid Dayton followed Nathan for 4-5 laps. Dayton pressured him and forced Nathan into a mistake off a jump and made the pass. From that point forward Dayton built up a 4 second lead and while in the lead also bobbled taking the table top wrong and tumbled requiring a marshal. This allowed Nathan to catch back up and the two raced hard until the finish with Dayton coming out the victor!

Dayton Center in "Tekin"

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Andy Castellini dominates the Turkey Day Race at Family Hobbies Raceway.

Family Hobbies Raceway in Vineland, NJ celebrated Thanksgiving by hosting a Turkey Day Race with real Turkeys and other holiday treats for the winners.  With some of top racers from the tri-state area competing for the “Big Birds”,  the racing was close, great to watch and a lot of fun for all the participants.

Andy Castellini competed in Electric Eight Buggy and 4x4 Short Course TQ’ing both classes and then going on for the Win and a claim to the Big Birds!  Andy relied on Tekin RX8s to handle all the control for his Tekin Pro 4 and T8 motors, and they were a winning combination.  The Tekins ran flawless all day, with nothing to do but inspect and clean up after each win!!

In the spirit of the Holiday Season, Andy suggested that his “Turkey” winnings be passed along to benefit others.  He gave one away to a fellow racer at the track that day and the other Turkey went to a local needy family through his school.   Thanksgiving is a great time of year, and it’s nice to see young people like Tekin Driver Andy Castellini offer up his winnings to spread the Holiday Spirit! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dennis Allison takes the Piedmont Triad Series title!

The 6 race series hosted by Carolina RC and held at various race tracks in the region for each event proved to make for a very tight race series. When the points were totaled Tekin pilot Dennis Allison would take the 2wd Open Pro 2 SCT class and the Open 4wd Pro 4 SC class titles! Congratulations Dennis! 

Dennis used the RS Pro and Tekin Redline 8.5 motor to power his Pro 2 victory. In his Pro 4 Dennis chose the Rx8 and Pro 4 4600.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The 2011 Utah State Champs hosted by IR-CR Raceway in Magna Utah saw fierce competition in nearly ever class. Raer's from as far asWyoming, Colorado, Idaho were in attendance.

Tekin team driver Tony Newland Tq'd nearly every round(all but one) of 13.5 2wd and 17.5 2wd and won both classes using a RS Pro and Redline 17.5 in both! 

Tekin Team driver Jason Smith Tq won Stock Short Course Pro 2, Aaron Eastman took 2nd in Pro 4 followed by Jason Smith in 3rd. Both Aaron and Jason used Rx8 and Pro 4 motors to take these top positions.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tekin powers Top 3 at the 2011 Turkey Shootout at Hemet Competition Raceway!

The 2011 Turkey Shootout at Hemet Competition Raceway on November 19, 2011 had over 100 entries and 12 heats of RC racing action.

In Pro 4 SC the top 3 drivers would be using Tekin powered Losi SCTe trucks!

1st place and Tq Adam Drake Losi SCTE Tekin Rx8/Pro 4 4600
2nd Ronda Drake Losi SCTE Tekin Rx8 Pro 4 4600
3rd Brian Sullivan Losi/BCE SCTE Tekin Rx8 Pro 4 4600.

The 2011 Turkey Shootout was sponsored by Losi and AKA. Hemet Competition Raceway hosted the annual event on November 19th. The event had 12 heats. Adam Drake set the pace in 4wd modified SC class. In the 4wd SC class Adam took the win followed by his wife Ronda Drake and third went to Brian Sullivan. All three drivers were running Tekin powered LOSI SCTE. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

David Joor is your RC Pro Series 1/8 E Buggy National Champion! Again!

Mike's Hobbyshop in Houston Texas hosted the 2011 RC Pro Finals with great success. The track and pavilion were extended a few months ago in order to host this event and it definitely paid off.

I would be defending my electric title this year. However, you know how once in a while you just have those races where nothing connects, you break in back to back qualifiers before the buzzer goes, the track feels so good that you just can't help driving like a maniac, and your leading by a large margin with a few laps to go and the car just stops? Yup, that was me at this race. So no matter how hard you try things can still go wrong to the best of us.

I put in a few good runs in electric to get myself into the 3rd qualifying position behind Lutz and Dellinger so I was feeling good about a shot there. Lutz had amazing pace and I could match his average laptimes but he would have 3 or 4 laps that were around a half second faster than his average. So for the mains the RC8.2e was amazing and I had chosen AKA SS Impacts that were almost worn completely down because I had adjusted my setup to remove as much traction as possible. My goal was to get up to Ryan right out the gate and put in my best laps hoping if I could stay in his sights he may make a bobble before he could get into his time warp zone. A1 I had a great start but came up an inch short on the triple right in front of a marshal but another car had wrecked on an earlier jump that had been forgotten so he was trying to yell at another marshal to get him while every car went by. Now in 12th and 13 seconds down from the leader I made it back up to third by 5 minutes in and I was pleased with this because Dellinger was the only one I was in contention for the title with and I had enough lead in points to finish 2 positions overall below him to win. As I get lapped by Lutz, yeah I know! He begins to have some form of issue with his car so I got my embarrassing lap back and start charging to find that Dellinger had lost a rear turnbuckle so with 2 laps to go I take the lead and boy did I need those points and I was glad to take them! In A2 I had a good start and got into second on the first lap but my game plan failed again because Lutz immediately dipped into the 27 second laps but this time our fastest lap were just 3 tenths apart so I was feeling confident I could put pressure on in A3 and finishing 2nd in A2 I had already won the title s o it was all or nothing. A3 I get a great start, move into second on the first lap and hold onto Lutz for the first 3 laps before I wrecked again on the triple losing 10 seconds. From that point I just wanted a 27 second lap and every time I got close I would have to pass someone so I settled with 28.0 again!

Winning the Electric National Title again!!!!

Thank you to all my sponsors: Team Associated, Reedy, AKA, KO Propo, Tekin, Avid, Upgrade, FTW, BCE, EB Mods, Paint by Smiley

Words by David Joor

Friday, October 28, 2011

Privateer Alain Sarafyna checks in from the Turkish Off-road Championships

Alain Sarafyan piloted his Tekin powered HPI Vorza 1/8 Buggy to an overall 1st place! Alan used the Rx8 esc and T8 2250 motor to power him to victory in all 4 races.

The race was scheduled from July 3rd ending September 4th. The 4 stage event as hosted by Snappy Raceway in Istanbul / Turkey.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jeremy "PG" Potter Dominates the 11th Annual Mapston Memorial!

Held in Spokane Washington the 11th Annual Dave Mapston Memorial race was held October 21-23rd.
In 1/8 Buggy Jeremy Potter would dominate Rd1 qualifying by over 18 seconds. Rd 2 was no different other than he managed a 24 second gap with his Tekin Powered Hotbodies Ve8! Jeremy would sit out Rd3 and focus on the triple A mains. While leading in A1 Jeremy suffered a mechanical (skid plate) he would come back with a vengeance in Rd 2 taking the overall win by lapping all the way up to 2nd place. In A3 Jeremy would again put down lap times that would allow him to lap up to 5th to take the overall win. Team Tekin would power the Top 8 in e-buggy with Rx8's and T8 motors.

TQ & 1st Place Jeremy Potter Ve8, Rx8 & 1900 T8
2nd Place: John Karschney Mugen Eco, RX8 and T8
3rd Place: Mike Dana RC8Be, RX8 and T8

Other Tekin Results:

1/10 Mod Truck

TQ & 1st place: Jordan Hestness: AE T4, RS Esc and Redline 8.5

4wd SCT

1st place: Christopher Reynolds, Durango DESC 4x4. Pro 4 4000KV motor
2nd place: Nick Beuchler, AE 4x4. RX8 and SC4x 4.5
3rd place: Shane Preugschat, Losi SCTE. RX8 and SC4x 4.5

Brandon Alveshere podiums at the Final Round of the Minnesota Nitro Series

Brandon qualified 2nd and finished 2nd in the 1/8th electric buggy class! Quite a feat considering it was his first race meet with his Tekin Powered Xray 808e. Over 148 total entries for the weekend. Great job Brandon.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jeremy Felles is Region 8 1/8 E buggy Champ!

Jeremy Felles reports on the Roar Region 8 Regionals hosted by the Omaha HobbyPlex this past weekend Jeremy Tq'd  3 of 4 rounds. Jeremy ended up with the Overall Tq and win in Electric 1/8 Buggy with his Tekin Powered Hotbodies Ve8!

Monday, October 24, 2011

RD 1 of the MAM series with Paul Timberlake.

Paul Timberlatke checks in after having just started their Winter Series over the weekend. Round 1 of this years MAM series took place at the impressive multi surface venue, Kidderminster MCC. With the Indian summer continuing over this weekend the 80 drivers booked in enjoyed temperatures of 27 degrees!!! Paul Qualified 7th in the A taking 3rd in the main of 2wd Mod buggy.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Jubal Dike wins the Great Pumpkin Race!

"This was the largest class of the event with 23 entries. Starting 5th in the A I decided I was going to make a hard push to the front early so the leaders didn't get away early. This played out well for me, after the second lap I had takin the lead and started stretching the gap. I would continue on uncontested and lapping the entire 12 truck field, except 2nd and 3rd which were 9 and 20 seconds back! My Tekin RX8/Pro4 powered Ofna Nexx 10SC was a rocket ship and was on rails! As always I have to thank Ofna, Tekin, Avid, BCE and Fastlane Graphix for their awesome support and products! They help me go fast and look good every week!"  Jubal Dike

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jubal Dike wins the Great Pumpkin warm up race!

Jubal " I was confident in my Tekin Pro4 powered Nexx 10 as long as I drove smart. That's exactly what I did. Early into the 10 min main there were several lead changes between myself, and a few others. After a few laps we settled in and my Ofna teammate, Brian Bourland, had the lead. I worked my way up to his bumper and when he opened the door I slid by for the lead. This is the way it would stay. Two Ofna Nexx 10's with Tekin horsepower and AKA rubber going 1-2!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ryan Lutz pulls out the Trifecta at the North Carolina Series Finals 1

Ryan Lutz touches base with his race report fromNorth Carolina Series Finals   @ the Badlands in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

4wd SC Open – Ran my Tekin Pro 4 powered Durango DESC410R for the first time in at least a month and it just felt like I hadn’t taken the time off with it at all. It was flying around this track and the on-lookers were amazed at the speed of the Tekin equipped Durango. In the first qualifier they had the minimum lap set at 33 seconds and for some reason they were never mentioning my name during the race even as I was passing everyone. Come back to see the race results and every one of my laps that did count was a 62. So I was getting 31 second lap times at least! In the second round when the bite came up I was able to get down into the 29 second lap times on occasion which was just about 1.5 seconds off my Nitro and E-Buggy! I was able to TQ all 3 rounds. In the A-main they were running it for 10 minutes! I’m lucky to make 7:30 with my car if i’m really driving it so I was a bit leery of trying to make 10. I ran the race trying never to pull past 1/4 throttle. Down the straight I let off the gas completely 1/2 way down and just let it cost the rest of the way. (Good thing my Tekin Pro 4 was fast enough to already be flying at that point!) I drove it easy and was able to finish the full 10 minutes and win by a couple laps on the field of 15.

E-Scale Buggy – My  Tekin powered Durango DEX408 prototype was loving this track. Everyone kept stopping by my pit area to ask me if they could look at it but unfortunately i’m still having to keep it under wraps. Hopefully it will be out soon because I know there is a lot of interest in this vehicle, and rightfully so! In Qualifying I was able to take the first two rounds to take the overall TQ for the class. In the main I ran back to back SC and E-Buggy. I didn’t do any practice laps in E-Buggy because I was going to change tires really quick before the main but realized quickly that I didn’t have what I thought I had and thus I just left on the tires I had ran all day. So the first couple laps I struggled trying to find my E-Buggy finger having just babied around the SC truck for 10 minutes. I fell into a battle with the top 3 and we battled for the first couple laps until I got by and they both made a mistake on the back right jump section and I never looked back. I began extending my lead and I think by the end of the 10 minute main I had put a lap on the field! Another win for the Prototype Tekin Powered Durango DEX408!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Joor TQ's & Wins RC Pro US 16 Electric, Furthers Points Lead For Finals

The RC Pro US Series 16 took place 9/23 in Harlingen Texas and this race was turning out to be quite crucial for David Joor. David wanted to continue his points lead to defend his RCP Electric National Title. Two years ago when David got into electric 8th scale he won the RCP Finals and in 2010 took home the RCP Electric National Title. The points setup has changed this year which meanstso David was leading the points with Mitchel Gardner in 2nd (whom was fierce competition @ last years Finals) and Jake Dillinger. So I grabbed my Associated 8.2's and took the venture down south. David took TQ in electric by winning each round but Dillinger didn't make this easy. 
David took the 1st electric main but Dillinger made a charge back in the second main to take the win so it was all up to the 3rd main. In the third main David lost control of the car in the most difficult section of the track that and went over the pipe and had a head on collision with 4th place! Getting back on the other side he continued to follow Dillinger for 2 laps literally a foot or two behind in each corner trying to make him crack and right when David began to think he wasn't going to he traction rolled in the sweeper and cartwheeled off the track. So David went on to win the 3rd main and this has given me maximum points of 218 going into the finals because he TQ'd, lead most laps, and won two RCP events. Dillinger and Gardner are now tied for second with 210.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Derek Stephansen wins big at the Race for a Cure at Modesto RC Raceway!

This past Saturday Derek and other Tekin team drivers participated in the Race For A Cure at Modesto RC Raceway which brought in a 148 total entries. After 2 rounds of qualifying Tekin Powered Phillip Atondo(TLR) would take Tq in 2wd Mod buggy, Derek 2nd. Derek Stephansen would take TQ honors in 4wd Mod Buggy.

2wd Buggy A1 Phillip and  Derek would start battling for the first minute or so intill Phillip bobbled allowing Derek to get out front and slowly build up a slight lead. In the closing minute Derek would bobble while out front allowing Eddie Bernal to take A1. A2 would have Derek out front early taking the win in  A2. A3 was probaly one of the most intense battles of the night with the front runners all batlling for the lead. Derek would bobble over the demanding quad allowing Johnathan Hernandez and Eddie Bernal to get by. Derek would chase down  Eddie quickly.The leaders battled out nose to tail for the next four minutes. A3 would end with Johnathan in 1st, Eddie second, and Derek in third. Derek Stephansen would end up winning 2wd mod Buggy with the tie breaker over Eddie Bernal!

In Mod 2wd SCT Derek Stephansen would start from the fifth spot in A1 and would quickly work his way up to second behind TQ Eddie Bernal and would finish there. In A2 Derek would be able to get out early from the start and hold on over a hard charging James Arluck to take the win in A2. A3 would once again be a battle between Derek and Eddie Bernal once again going at it, with both bobbles and recoveries from both. As time expired Derek would win giving him the overall Mod 2wd SCT title!

In 4wd buggy Derek would make several mistakes in A1 allowing Cody and Jason Smith to get by, dropping him to 3rd. Derek had better luck in A2 checking out from pole to take the win. A3 Derek would once again check out but a minute in he would have mechanical issue pulling out of the race and giving Austin Blair the win for A3. Overall Derek would end up 3rd in this class.

Derek " I was super happy to be able to put both Tekin Esc's and Tekin Motors on Top!!"

Salvas Brothers win at the Lord of Late Model race in Illinois!

The two day two race event where points determined the Lord of Late Models! The first event held at Maryville Steve Salvas took 1st while Eric Salvas got 3rd. The next day at Allens RC Steve Salvas would take 2nd while Eric would once again take 3rd. After all of the points were totaled Steve Salvas would take the overall win! Brother and fellow Tekin/Cutom Works teammate Eric Savlas would take 2nd!

The late model class a new 4wd class was 13.5 open. The Tekin Rs's was the esc of choice for all!!!

Some Vid of the mains:

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tekin drivers dominate the Utah State Champs!

2011 Utah Outdoor state champs hosted at Black Sheep Rc raceway in Spanish Fork Utah. Tekin Team Driver Jason Smith TQ and takes 1st in the 1/8 buggy Electric Buggy using his Tekin Powered Rc8e. Jason used the Rx8 and T8 1700. Jason Smith wasn't done. Jason also Tq'd the Pro 2 SC class with his Tekin Powered Factory Team SC10. Jason chose the Rs pro and a Redline 8.5. 

Aaron Eastman TQ'd and wins in Pro4 SC class with his Tekin Powered Losi Scte. Aaron chose the Rx8 and 5.5 Sc4x.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mike Barrett wins at the 10th annual Race Against Cancer !

Hosted by McCullough's Off Road in Sarver Pa the event had over 170 entries and raised over $12,000 dollars for American Cancer Society. The race pulled racers from Ohio, New York, and Virginia setting record for both entries and donation dollars!

Mike's recap:

"We had a few downpours throughout the weekend which made for a high traction surface. There were 4 rounds of rocket round qualifying on Saturday. I was able to TQ the first round which held up until the last round. I started 2nd on the grid on Sunday for the main. The A-main was 10 minutes long. The lead positions swapped multiple times between the top 4 guys. At around the 8 minute mark I was able to take the lead for the final time for the win. I was using the Tekin RS/9.5 system in my TQ Racing SC truck."

Congratulations Mike and McCullough's for a winning event!

Carson Wernimont Dominates Rd7 of the JBRL at OCRC

Carson knew he had work to do after getting a 5th in the first round of Qualifying. Carson made some set up changes to his Tekin powered DESC410 and I came out of the gate swinging for the second round of qualifying clinching the TQ by a few seconds over second place, Aaron Lane. In the main Carson started first on the grid and never looked back, cruising to the finish with a 3 second lead over second, and quite a bit ahead of the battle for third.
In 4WD Buggy Carsons Tekin powered DEX410 was great all weekend. In the first qualifier i had a few bobbles at the end set me back in the 4th position for the first round. In round two I made some adjustments to my car and was able to land my DEX410 on the second spot on the grid behind local hero Steven Heartson. In the main Carson got off to a good start and was able to break away from the field with Steven but at the end Steven was half a lap ahead, so Carson had to just settle for a respectable 2nd place finish.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Michael Malott wraps up the Local Joe race series!

The Local Joe series was a 6 race format that consisted of 2 different tracks, Reo Raceway in Rockport, IN and SRI Raceway in Louisville, KY. Mike Malott came into the final round with a slight lead after the throw outs. Mike had missed the last couple of rounds. It was now or never to take down the title. 

Mike had qualified 2nd for the A main after 3 rounds. Mike knew he had to finish 6th or better to take the title going into the main. After the tone Mike had gotten a chance to settle into 2nd place. He managed to case a jump that caused his switch to shut off. Lucky for him a good marshall got him back on and onto the track a lap down. Mike but on a charge getting back onto the lad lap and with a minute to go managed to be back up to 4th position. This is where Mike would finish and wrap up his Local Joe Series 1/8 E buggy title. 

Mike had this to say "I couldn't have done this without all of my sponsors helping me out and giving me the opportunity to run the best products in the industry. My OFNA/BCE Hyper 9e was solid all year and I never had one breakage or failure in all 4 races. My Tekin equipment and AKA tires were also flawless the whole series and gave me the power and grip I needed throughout the summer to get the solid finishes I had this year. The PT RC oils were so smooth and consistent all summer in the heat and in the cool I knew I had no worries of the shocks or diffs fading under either conditions. "

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mike Applegate wins big at the Short Course Kings Race!

Tekin team driver Mike Applegate wins the 13.5 Super Stock 2wd SC class at last weekends Short Course Kings race hosted in Ocala Florida. 86 entries with Mike taking Tq and the overall win. Mike held his composure throughout the entire 6 minute main fending off Billy Bruce half way through. Mike was using a Tekin Redline 13.5 and Tekin RS esc.

Video of the main:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ryan Lutz takes 4th at the 2011 ROAR Electric 1/8 Nats

Ryan Lutz takes 4th overall with his Tekin powered Dex408 prototype buggy. Ryan's recap :

"Main day has came and went and all that there is left to show for it is the results. Lets get down to business.

In A1 I had a decent start and got up to 5th from my 8th starting position. I got into ‘no mans land’ as I call it where the top 4 had a good lead on me and the rest of the pack were a few seconds behind me. I took it easy for most of the main but on the last couple laps I made some mistakes and allowed Truhe to catch up and pass me on the last lap and so I settled for 6th.

In A2 I got an even better start and worked my way up to 4th. I was staying as clean as possible and was able to overtake Cavalieri for 3rd and I held the position until the last lap. On the last lap Truhe once again caught me and passed me with 1/2 a lap to go. I stayed glued to the back of him though and over the left side double he got a little short and went out wide and we both went over the single onto the straight away together but his car rocked a bit and I pulled just barely ahead and in the sweeper at the end before the finish line he got right on my rear end and basically pushed me across the line. So I was able to take 3rd in A2.

In A3 I knew I had a legit shot at Podium. I had an okay start and after a few laps was up to 5th. I worked my way up behind Cavalieri and I knew if I could beat him I could get 3rd overall. We battled close for a few minutes with me having a couple chances but always getting up on 2 wheels or a hard landing or something keeping me just behind. With one lap to go though I was on his bumper and we landed the coming at you double side by side but my car hit the rut that had developed over the weekend and rolled over. This allowed Cav to get away and King to pass me as well. I finished up and took a 5th for the round. Overall this put me 4th place! Not bad for a prototype buggy on my first big race with it! Overall I was pretty pleased with the final result and look forward to more running in the E-Scale class!"

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mike Malott wins the 2nd annual Labor Day Shootout at Indy RC and Hobbies

"I was ready to go for the e buggy class. I knew a few new guys had made the switch from Nitro to electric and had gotten really fast the the 1/8 buggy class was going to be a fast and hard class to win. I ran a couple packs in practice to get ready for the quals. My car was good right from the get go so I just left it alone. The first qual started really well and I was flying and on a TQ pace when it all started to go south. I got into traffic and started making a lot of mistakes and that drooped me down off of TQ pace. I ended up 3rd for the round so I was pretty happy with that. The 2nd round of quals started and after the shuffle I was in the A qualifier. The qual started off bad and right from the start i was making stupid mistakes again and was having some troubles. I got the car rolling mid way through the qual and was clicking off fast laps and making up a lot of time but it was to late for the qual. I ended up 4th for the round and that is where I would start on the grid for the final. The A main got off to a good start and everybody was able to get away clean. Fellow OFNA team driver Brian Bourland had jumped out to an early lead and I had settled into 2nd. Bourland was setting a fast pace and I was pushing really hard to catch up to him. I was making up a little time and he got into traffic and had a few issues and made a few mistakes to let me catch up. I finally got to him and ran right behind him for about 4 laps putting pressure on him hoping he would make a mistake. In one section of tha track I was a li ttle faster then he was and I put a lot of pressure on him and he let me go. I got to the lead and he stayed right with me pacing me the whole way. We got to lap traffic once again and I was able to get through it clean but Bourland got hung up with a lapper and that gave me the advantage I needed to pull away and take the win. I was super pumped with the results after being off the pace in quals and coming back and winning the A main." Mike Malott

Tekin Powers Mugen Mafia to a 5 Hour Enduro Race Win at River Race Track

7 teams competed in this 5 hour enduro event. Both Nitro and Electric 1/8 Buggies competing for the overall title head to head. The teams included Team Vertigo, Z-Mat, River, Team Sandbag, High Voltage, and Mugen Mafia.

Half way through the race the top three teams were all on the same lap "Mugen Mafia", "High Voltage" and Team "Vertigo". The race between the top 3 teams jockeyed back and forth for the whole race as each team had break downs of some sort that changed the lead and had all thinking one team had it in the bag before something broke and they dropped down to 3rd or 4th place. Break downs from snapped A-arms, flame outs, diff failures, and various other mechanical failures plagued every team. 

One of the highlights of excitement happened when team "Mugen Mafia" held the lead with only 10minutes left in the race and 2nd place team "High Voltage" running in 2nd place 18 laps behind. Thinking they had a comfortable lead the "Mafias" rear diff case melted and the rear drive shaft came out while running 2 laps in front wheel drive only until the car stopped dead! With 30sec lap times 10mins meant 2nd place could pull 20 laps and take the win from 18 laps behind. But, thanks to a back up car that was sitting in sections in the pit, the "Mafia" made a 4min rear end swap to get back on the track and take the overall win!

1st Place went to the "Mugen Mafia" team. Their Tekin powered Mugen Mbx6 Eco was piloted by drivers Ty Mills, Willy Mills, Ryan Mosley and Team Captain Jason Wipf. The team chose a tried and proven T8 1900 Rx8(TT2312) combo as their power plant. 

2nd was  "High Voltage" which included Jake Dellinger, Courtney Vaughn, Rusty Purifoy and Brian Stanford. They also ran a Mugen MBX6 Eco.

3rd "Team Sandbag" included Jason Branham, Brian Branham, Ruben Samuel and Grayson Witt. The team ran a Nitro powered Hot Bodies D8 Buggy.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Andy Castellini wins the 25th Annual Eastern State Champs at Family Hobbies

Team Tekin driver Andy Castellini had a great time at the Prestigious 25thRunning of the Eastern States, co-sponsored by Team Tekin at Family Hobbies Raceway in Vineland, NJ. Racing six classes in a two day period, and doing well in each class was a challenge, but Andy was up for the task. He qualified all six entries in the top three of each class and was the TOP QUALIFIER in the well represented Eighth Scale Electric and Nitro Buggy Classes, taking a convincing win in Electric Eight! Castellini's 2 wheel buggy and short course were powered by Tekin's RS-Pro and Tekin Red Line Motors and his SC 4x4 was powered by the Tekin's RX8 and the 4.5 SC Motor. Tekin's consistent delivery and trouble free running allowed Andy to concentrate on set-ups and driving; but reliability was a necessity for the next day. 

On day two, Tekin's dependability was heavily counted upon, especially when the other classes that day were nitro buggy and Truggy, and they demand a lot of attention. Not only did the RX8 and his Tekin 1700 motor come through with super dependability, they were untouchable in the heats and Andy was the Top Qualifier in Electric Eight. He then out paced a field of the Mid-East's best drivers in the A-Main lapping almost the entire field! Tekin's power, response and dependability was once again flawless...and thanks Tekin's trouble free operations, the extra time allowed for a Top Qualifier in Nitro as well....

Derek Stephansen wraps up the RC Night Series at Modesto RC Raceway

Derek wrapped the multi race series at Modesto RC Raceway. Derek took the overall in Mod Buggy and Open SC.  Here's Derek's final main recap:

"Main time came and I knew my two cars were solid enough to pull off the wins. First up was the buggy main and I would check out with my buggy powered by the RS/ Redline 13.5 combo to take the win over second by a lap with Brian Curran in 2nd and Mike Clark finishing 3rd. In Open SCT I would 2nd with my SCT powered with the RS Pro/ Redline 8.5 motor. I would follow for a good 2 minutes of the race on the tail of Jason Smith's Kyosho SCR, with my dad attacking me from behind. I would finally put the inside pass on Jason leaving him and my dad to battle it out will I said, "See ya later". In the end I would take the win with Jason Smith second and my dad Greg Stephansen 3rd."

Monday, September 5, 2011

Ryan Lutz Tq's and wins the 2011 Labor Day Shootout with his Tekin Powered Durango rides!

4wd SC Mod – I had my Tekin powered DESC410R rockin around this 1/8th scale track and as always my goal was to beat my 1/8th Buggy times. My SC truck was still equipped with the Tekin 4.5 Sc4x system that I had ran at the Nationals and it was plenty of power to get around the track. I was able to get my lap times within a second of my 1/8th buggy! My overall time in my qualifiers would have put me top 5 in the expert buggy A-main! Come main time I started from the pole position and just took off. Extending my lead during the 7 minute race to take a little over a lap victory on the rest of the field.

Keeping the Tekin powered Durango DEX408 prototype hidden from the public proved to be a bit harder this weekend. People wanted to check it out but I was ordered to keep the body on it so that is what I did! I didn’t do any set-up changes from what I ran the week prior in St. Louis and the car still handled very well. I was able to eek out the overall TQ over Atondo and I knew we were set for a good battle in the main. Starting from the pole I did a conservative first section and Philip was all over me. Coming before the gap jump he got all up on top of me and both of us flipped into the adjacent lane. We went down it backwards and turned around and I had the better end of it so I waited for him and let a car or two go by. On the second lap on the tricky left hand section I think Philip cased it a bit and popped out a center driveshaft ending his race chance. It was a bummer because I was looking forward to a 10 minute battle. However I just put my head down and got back up to the lead and set out on a clean run. I ended up lapping the field and giving my prototype DEX408 it’s second victory in as many weeks! I have my work cut out for me next week though as I’m heading to the electric 1/8th nationals. It’s going to take everything i’ve got to continue that winning streak! . . I’m up for the challenge

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Doug "Casper" Nielsen wins Pro 2 SC at the Surf City Classic!

Pro 2 SC:
"Well I had a great weekend at the Surf City. I won Pro-2 SC.  Started 2nd on the grid. After a few bobbles to start the race I put enough pressure on the leader to take over thelead and never looked back. The Tekin Powered XXX-SCT was awesome.The Tekin power was too much for the field and I got the win.

Pro-4 SC: 

"I struggled in qualifying trying to run slicks and it just made the truck too hard to drive. As a result I ended up having to start 6th on the grid. In warm up practice on main day I switched to treaded tires and truck was much easier to drive. After a few hang ups with traffic to start the race I was able to run up to 3rd spot and hang there until the leader broke and was able to then move up to second. I was running on pace with the new leader but my starting position ended up being the difference at the end and I had to settle for 2nd only about 4 second back. The new Pro-4 4600 motor really performed well and gave me all the power I could ask for but also had the control I needed to get round the tricky parts of the track." Doug Casper Nielisen

Monday, August 1, 2011

Tekin Tq's and dominates the ROAR Region 11 Regional Championship took place this past weekend in Spokane, WA

"The race was a 1/8 only event so I entered in just the 1/8 E-Buggy class with my Hot Bodies Ve8 and Tekin RX8 and T8 1900 KV Motor. There were drivers from all over the Northwest and Canada
gunning for the win. The track flowed very well and had some very tricky sections that . Through out qualifying I was still trying to get a grip on the track but I still managed to TQ a round and ended up 2nd on the grid for the triple A-Mains. In A1 I was able to get into the lead early and pulled a 12 second lead just over the halfway mark when a mechanical issue hit me and I was forced to retire. In A2 once again I jumped out front early on and ran away with the race, taking the win and setting up a showdown between me and the TQ who won A1. I was able to take the lead early in A3 but I made a few un-timely errors and fell back abit. I was able to reel the leader back in abit but just didn't have enough and had to settle for 2nd place and 2nd overall. My Tekin equipment ran great all weekend long in the 90+ degree weather and Tekin was able to sweep the podium in dominating fashion!" Jeremy Potter

1. Brian Munn (Tekin powered)
2. Jeremy Potter (Tekin)
3. Nick Buechler(Tekin)

Jubal Dike brings home the bacon at the "Cash Money" race in JCP in Edinburg, IN

" In Pro Ebuggy, my first two qualifiers left me sitting 3rd and a little off pace. After some adjustments I bettered my time by more than 20 secs which still left me Q3 but back up to speed with TQ Brian Seitz (Mugen ECO), Q2 Brian Bourland (Hyper 9e) and Q4 was Dan Rennekamp (Nexx8).  At the tone to start the main, I found myself upside down in the third corner and watched the entire field drive by. Not a good start to say the least but 10 minutes is a long time so I just got back going and settled into my pace. Not but just a few laps in I was really clicking off some super fast laps and had quickly reeled in the leader, Bourland, and took over the top spot. I built a comfortable lead and was able to close out the deal with my fellow Ofna teammate Brian Bourland in second. This win felt pretty good considering I was a full lap off pace in the beginning of the day and was able to make the right car and driver adjustments to pull this off. " Jubal

1st.  Jubal Dike Hyper 9E(Tekin)
2nd. Brian Bourland Hyper 9E
3rd.  Tony Newland  Losi 8E 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Phillip Atondo and Jacob Haas Tq and win at the 2011 Offroad Kings!

Norcal Hobbies hosted the 2011 Annual Offroad Kings race as a nationals warm up event. The event went off without a hitch and proved to have some great racing battles.

Phil Atondo took his Tekin powered Losi Ten Scte to the overall Tq in the Pro 4 SCT class. Phil went out to easily take A1 and A2 by nearly a lap each round! Proving once again the Pro 4 is in a class of it's own!

Jacob Haas having just signed with Tekin days prior to the event took his Tekin powered TLR 22 to a Tq and overall win in the Open 2wd Mod buggy class. Jacob used a Tekin RS Pro and 10.5 Redline to take the win. Shon Wilcox taking 2nd overall with his Tekin powered TLR 22 as well. Great racing guys!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Team Tekin driver Stuart Harlow takes TQ and centre podium position at round 4 of the UK Short Course nationals!

With 3 SC National TQ's and a win at the hot & dusty Adur track Tekin is proving yet again to be the Speedo and motor to beat. Taking TQ and the first 2 legs of the A final the RX8 and SC4 motors were just too much for the opposition.

Ryan Lutz checks in from the Ohio R/C Pro Series @ Medina R/C Raceway

"In 4wd Pro Mod Short Course all eyes were on my DESC410R. This thing is just stupid fast and has so much get up and go. For one the truck is simply the fastest truck in this class and everyone is beginning to realize this. Also I was again running my Tekin RX8 Speedo with the new 4 pole motor and it just flat out flies. People were amazed at the speed this thing has especially being a 540 can. I was able to throw down a 28.6 with my SC truck and my best lap in buggy was a 27.4! I was able to dominate qualifying to the tune of an 18 second TQ. In the main the guys behind me battled it out and I took off to a 1.5 lap win in 7 minutes. I let a handfull of people try my truck during the weekend and they were all amazed at it’s performance. They also couldn’t believe how smooth and fast the new 4 pole Tekin motor is. All of them before the race were running various makes and models of other SC trucks. After this race they are all getting a Durango with the new Tekin 4 pole when it becomes available shortly. I know they will be pleased! " Ryan Lutz

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Andrew Mowery takes the MN Electric OffRoad State Championship

Andrew used his Tekin powered B44.1 to takt the MN State title in 4wd Mod Buggy. 

"Definatly the fastest and a pin , grin hold on to win class.. Had great runs in quals and TQ'd.. Started the main at the front, 2nd and third looked like they were going to hang tight but fumbled early..Joe Jr held close for a good third of the race then stumbled letting me breath a bit and take care of the car resulting in a very nice win. All mains are 9 minutes, no issues with motor or speedo heat. pure smooth power when needed with incredible reliability." Andrew Mowery

Tekin cleans house at the 2011 Westside Challenge III NCT round 3

Dave Gullickson would take the Tq and overall win in the Stock Truck division using a Tekin RS Pro and Redline 17.5 motor. Dave would get out to the lead and never look back taking A1 and A2.

Dave would also Tq mod truck with the same RS Pro 17.5 Redline combination. His luck however would only last him through A1 taking the win. A2 he would DNF due to a mechanical finishing in last place. A3 Dave would again have an issue 1 1/2 minutes in while getting marshalled his sensor harness would fail. Normally this would be a DNF but because he's using Tekin he continued to motor on taking 2nd place in A3 and 2nd place overall.

Jesse Munn piloted his Tekin powered Venom Gambler to an overall win by taking the first to A mains. Jesse would also take 2nd place overall in 2wd Mod Buggy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tekin takes the Region 4 offroad titles at Coral Springs RC Raceway!

The 2011 ROAR Region 4 Championship were hosted at the Coral Springs RC Car Club. The event had over 170+ entries and was shaping up to be an event not to miss. Rain! Rain would poor down from the sky and would appear to destroy the track. But this would not deter the Coral Springs track crew! A few hours of track maintenance using some saw dust and they were racing! Great job track crew!

Tekin team driver Mike Applegate would Tq and take the Region 4 stock truck title using a Tekin RS and Redline 17.5 motor. Mike caused quite a stir with this winning combination hearing often in the pits "That can't be a 17.5." Congratulations Mike!
Photo courtesy of
Stock buggy would be dominated by young Jason Venezia. He would pilot his Tekin powered B4 to the overall Tq and win in the Region 4 stock buggy championship. Mike Applegate would finish right behind in in 2nd place. Congratulations Jason and Mike. Keep an eye on young Jason at only 9 years old he's starting to put together a nice string of victories....
photo courtesy of

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tekin drivers take the hardware at the 2011 Hot Rod Shootout!

Tekin drivers were out in force at the 2011 Hot Rod Shootout hosted as always by Jimmy Babcock and the crew at Hot Rod Hobbies. With over 270 entries this race had great attendance by many top pro drivers even though worlds are next week. As always Jimmy and crew held one of the premier events of the year.

Pro 4 Short Course was dominated by Tekin in qualifying with Tekin powered TLR factory pilot Frank Root taking the overall Tq in the class. Team Durango's Billy Fischer would take A1, Tekin driver Ryan Lutz would take A2 by over 10 seconds in his Tekin powered Desc410r, A3 would have Fischer taking down the win with Lutz 2nd and Travis Amezcua 3rd. Ryan Lutz would take 2nd overall. Great Job Ryan. Ryan was using the new Tekin Pro 4 motor which was sited by all who witnessed it to be the "fastest truck on the track."
Photos courtesy of RedRc
Sportsman Pro 4 Short course was dominated by Tekin driver Aaron Eastman with his Tekin powered SC104x4 taking the overall Tq and win. Aaron used the 4.5 Sc4x and Rx8 esc. 11 year old David Jenson would also take 2nd palce using Tekin.
Photo courtesy of RedRc

Modified 4wd buggy was one of the most exciting classes to watch with many of the top pro drivers in attendance. Ryan Cavalieri would take the overall Tq. In A1 the "pass of the weekend" would be pulled off by Tekin factory driver Ryan Lutz with his Tekin powered Dex410. In the last corner of the last lap Lutz had pulled to within a car length of Cavalieri and over the last double jumped over him into the last corner to take the win at the line! Cav woudl take A2 from top to bottom. It was still anyone's race going into A3. Some exciting racing and mistakes would mix up the lead a few times with Cav taking the overall win, Ryan Lutz would finish 2nd overall with A-main Hobbies pilot Tyler Vik taking 3rd.
Photo courtesy of RedRC

Tekin factory driver Jason Smith took 3rd overall in the hotly contested Expert SCT 17.5 Stock division.