Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kingsbury extends his points lead in the Chaos on the Coast series.

This past weekend was round 2 of the "Chaos on the Coast" a best 5 of 6 race series hosted by Space Coast Rc in Cocoa Beach, FL.

"After finishing round one with a Tq and a win in both mod 2wd and Tq and win in mod 4wd, I was ready to have a strong race day for round 2. My Tekin Rs Pro 7.5 Redline Gen 2 motor combos in both cars worked flawlessly all day. I wrapped up Tq and win in 4wd Buggy by over a lap on the field. In 2wd the top three all were freight training it around the track, and with very similar lap times, two mistakes cost me a top 1 or two finish. I finished podium spot 3rd." Brett Kingsbury

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rc Pro South Division Rd1 dominated by Tekin power!

RC Pro Series South Round 1 was  hosted by 439 Raceway in Belton, Tx. A relatively new track that no one had been to before, the surface started out smooth then quickly started to rut up.  Friday the 15th was open practice.  Saturday consisted of 4 Quals using Qual points.

Tekin powered Brian Henn managed to take the overall TQ in Pro 4 SC.  Tekin teammate David Joor would take the Overall Tq for the 1/8 Pro E Buggy class with Henn 3rd.

Sunday was main day.  In A1 of Pro 4 SC Henn would lead the whole race, till the last lap where 2nd caught up to me and tapped me,  some good racer ettique gave me the spot back where we'd finish.   In A2, Henn would lead the main until a minute to go where a small bobble would give 2nd the opportunity to take the lead forcing Henn to settle for 2nd in A2.  It would come down to A3.  Henn would blast out from his Tq position leading from lap 1 never looking back taking the Pro 4 SC class win! Brian would choose the Tekin RX8 and Pro 4 4600 combo in my Losi SCTE.

Pro 1/8 E-Buggy A's.  In A1 Tekin powered TQ David Joor would simply checked out.  Teammate Henn was running 2nd up till the last minute where 2 mistakes would allow 2nd and 3rd around him giving him 4th in A1.  In A2 Joor had a small bobble at the start but would once again check out on the field.  Henn had a rough start but would fight back to take a 3rd.  In A3 TQ Joor would sit out since he had the overall win wrapped up.  2nd Qualifier Jake Dellinger took the lead and never looked back. Henn once again had 2 wrecks that costing him. Henn would catch 2nd Mike Battaile but would run out of time settling for 3rd.  When it was all over, David Joor took the overall win, Dellinger 2nd, Battaile 3rd, and myself 4th.

David Joor and Brian Henn both used the Tekin RX8 and T8 1900 combo.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tekin at the 27th Annual Cactus Classic

The 27th Annual SRS Cactus Classic wrapped up this past weekend. With 491 entries this was surely one of the largest and highest attended Cactus Classic in recent times. The racers would be thrown for a loop however as the track would be heavily sugared for the event. Some liked it, some didn't. Either way it would make for some exciting racing all weekend long.

In Pro 2 SC Tekin powered Ryan Lutz would be a front runner early on in qualifying. It would be the Ryan, Ryan, and Ryan show all weekend long in this class. Surely it must be the name, right!?  Lutz would be running his Team Durango Desc210r in mid motor configuration powered by a Tekin RS Pro and Redline 7.5 motor. After tripple Amains Lutz would take a well deserved 3rd overall in the division.

Nick Sava would enter the 13.5 2wd SC class at the last minute. This would prove to be a wise decision as he would take a hard fought 2nd place nearly taking the lead in the last few minutes of the race. Nick chose the Tekin RS and Redline Gen 2 13.5 motor.
photo courtesy of LiveRC

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tekin driver Chris Peterson dominates the Washtenaw Rc Raceway Series

Washtenaw Rc Raceway Series was a 9 race series, best of 7 to determine the Series Champ!

Tekin powered Chris Peterson would take the overall win in 4 classes! Stock SCT Oval, 4wd Buggy, 4wd sct, and 8th scale buggy using the following Tekin Products:

Stock SCT Oval Tekin RSpro, 17.5 Gen 2, Hotwire.

4wd Buggy: Tekin RSpro, 8.5 Gen 2, Hotwire.

4wd SCT: Tekin RX8 and Pro4 4000kv, Hotwire

8th E-Buggy: Tekin RX8 and T8 1900kv, Hotwire.

Final Points:

Monday, March 11, 2013

Tekin powered Sanford takes RD6 of the TNS series!

This past weekend racers headed to Redlands RC Raceway in Redlands, CA for Round 6 of the Top Notch Series. There were approximately 200 entries for this round.

Top racers would include names like Barry Baker, Brent Thielke, Chris Jarosz, Nick Wautlet, Brian McDuffie, Josh Mitchell, David Jenson and most of the Tekno race team.

2WD Mod Buggy:

On Saturday Tekin powered Lucas Sanford would TQ the first round of qualifying over Team Associated drivers Jarosz and Thielke. The track was faster come round 2, so everyone's times improved. Sanford  was on a new TQ pace until the wall ride got the better of him on lap number 3. Sanford would go on to finish third for round 2 of qualifying. In the main, Sanford worked his way up to 2nd, but had a few mistakes and ended up finishing up 3rd on the podium. His Tekin RS Pro 7.5 Gen 2 Redline powered RB6 worked extremely well all night on the high-bite surface.

8th Scale eBuggy:

8th scale was a flat out blast to run on the small track. The way the track was designed allowed for 8th scale cars to clear everything the 10th scales could not. Two triples and a huge table top transfer made this class the most entertaining to watch. Sanford  TQ'ed the first round of qualifying by a full lap over the competition. "The RX8 ESC and Redline T8 1900 motor in my MP9 allowed me to run a tighter line and still land all of the jumps with ease, while other cars had trouble. My Top 15 lap average was better than the next fastest racer’s single fast lap." Lucas Sanford. Sanford would take the overall Tq going into the main. In the A main event, the start tone sounded and Sanford  never looked back putting in a perfect run, winning by more than a lap over the field. Sanford set the overall fastest lap of the entire night as well, with a 15.6 in his Tekin RX8 ESC Redline T8 1900 powered Kyosho MP9 TKI3 that was absolutely dialed for all three rounds.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

John Michael McGinty takes 2nd at the March Madness race.

Lugoff, SC is the home of The RC Pit and their March Madness race.  Saturday morning kicked off the first of 4 rounds of qualifying. Tekin powered John Michael McGinty qualified 2nd overall in the Pro Ebuggy A Main.

The Ebuggy A main was first up on Sunday.  John stayed in 2nd the entire race behind Max Fluer about 6 or 7 seconds throughout the race until the last lap where he got tangled up with lapped traffic.  Max and John had lapped the entire field about 5 minutes into the 10 minute main.  John finished 2nd overall.  John chose the Tekin Rx8 and T8 1900 motor to power his Mugen Mbx6 Eco buggy to a podium spot.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Tekin sweeps round #1 of the JBRL in Expert 4wd Short Course at OC/RC.

Tekin teammates Ryan Dunford takes TQ as Doug "Casper" Nielsen takes the second qual spot in this highly competitive class with their TLR SCTE 2.0's powered by Tekin RX8 and Pro-4 4600KV motors.

The main would prove the same as qualifying, these two were the guys to beat. A quick start had Ryan and Casper pull away from the field.  A small mistake from Dunford gave Casper the lead about half way through the main.  A few small bobbles from Casper allowed Dunford to catch back up and take the lead back. Casper and Dunford would battle through the closing minutes of the main and the only two to make the last lap of the race. Dunford took the win with Casper close behind in second. David Jenson would take the third spot in the main from the 4th qual spot to make it a TLR clean sweep of the podium in the Expert 4wd Short course class for the JBRL opener.