Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Blair takes 2 title belts from the 5th Annual Norcal Offroad Champs!

Just this past weekend racers from around the area traveled to Union City, Ca home to Norcal Hobbies. Norcal has played host to races like the ROAR Nationals, Reedy Race of Champions, and many more. The 5th Annual Offroad Champs was well attended and was ran on two different tracks for each scale making it a unique experience for the drivers racing both 1/10 and 1/8 at the race.

Tekin factory driver took this opportunity to shake down his Tekin powered Tekno rides prior to the upcoming ROAR Nats being held later this week. Blair would take the win with his Tekin Rx8 Gen2 Pro 4 HD powered Tekno SCT410 over the field.
Austin continued his title belt run taking the 1/8 E Buggy class with his Tekin Rx8 Gen2 T8 powered Tekno EB48 buggy. Tekin would also power Dave in 3rd running a Rx8 and 1900.

It's safe to say that Blair will be going for a ROAR National Title this upcoming weekend!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tekin sweeps RD4 of the NCT Series and locks up Pro4 Title early!

This last weekend was round 4 of the NCT series here in the northwest taking place on the west side of the state in Burlington, WA. With perfect weather and over 175 entries it was not a race to miss.

It was a super close battle all weekend in the 1/8 Electric Buggy class between Tekin's Jayson Tjepkema, Nate Clark, and Nick Buechler. They all ran a pace on the exact same second in Q1 with Clark taking the round. Buechler would take Q2 and Q3 to secure the pole position for Sunday. A1 would be a close battle for all 10 minutes between Clark and Buechler but Nick would take the win. A2 would go to Clark with Buechler 2nd coming down to A3 to decide the overall. After getting off to a rough start and dropping to 3rd, Buechler was able to work his way back up to the lead and pass Tjepkema to take the win by about 1 second securing the overall win.

This weekends results gives Buechler the points lead in 1/8 Electric buggy and going into rd. 5 in Lewiston, ID next month. Tekin swept The 1/8 Electric podium as Nich, Jayson and Nate all ran Tekin Gen 2 RX8 ESC's and T8 motors.

In 4wd Short Course Jayson Tjepkema got the overall TQ after taking Q2 and Q3. It would take all3 mains went to get the win. Tjepkema finished A1 just behind Jessi Munn after he bobbled on the last corner, letting Munn get the inside line for the pass on me at the finish line just .159sec apart. Then Tjepkema went on to win A2 and A3 for the weekends overall win with his Tekin Rx8 Gen2 Pro4 HD 4300kv powered SC. That also locks up the 2013 NCT Series in Pro 4 SC with a perfect run of TQ's and 1st place finishes at all four stops defending his 2012 NCT Pro4 SC title!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Tekin and Harrison podium at the 2013 Bring the Heat!

This years event had 200 entries Bring the Heat held at the stellar Flowood Mississippi facility played host to attendants such as Adam Drake(Tekin), Rhonda Drake(Tekin), Blake Boggs, Ty Rogers, Reggie Tongue, and factory Tekin driver Martin Harrison  just to name a few. Track conditions stay pretty consistent throughout the weekend and traction was always easy to find with an all clay surface.

Tekin factory driver Martin Harrison was able to TQ rounds one and two taking the overall TQ in this class. In both of mains, Harrison got a good start and was able to check out from the rest of the competition and bring home the overall win. Martin chose the new Tekin Gen2 RX8 Esc and T8 2000kv motor to his advantage. Nathan Harrison also Tekin powered would take 3rd overall running the same setup.

"The new data logging feature is something that every serious racer should have in their hands." Martin Harrison

Harrison would continue his success in the Pro E Buggy class. Harrison would go on to take 2nd in both A1 and A2 securing a 2nd place overall.

"I used the new Tekin Gen2 Rx8 esc and made some critical changes within the software to allow the buggy to be easy and smooth to drive. This was very important because the line on the track was very small and overshooting the line would cost you valuable time." Martin Harrison

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Furtado is going for the Summer Tripple Crown title!

Another great  weekend at Maximus Raceway, Round 2 out of 3 of the Summer Triple Crown Series. Scott Furtado was able to TQ Pro 2 SC, 2wd buggy, and Pro 4 SC.

Furtado ended up winning SC2wd mod, SC4wd, and finished 3rd in 2wd buggy.  Scott powered his  Dex210 with a RSGen2 / 8.5 Gen2, his Desc210 with RX8 Gen2 / 5100kv Pro2 and his Desc410 with  Rx8 Gen2 / 4000kv Pro4. Scott is looking good to take the overall series in both 2wd buggy and SC 2wd mod for the last round next month.

"A big THANKS! to all my sponsors for their continued support. My Tekin powered Durango cars were hooked up all weekend." Scott Furtado

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bustamante and Miller take Rd 2 of the TNS Series!

Round 2 of the Top Notch Series was held in Victorville California at Coyote Hobbies Raceway.

Early on Mikey Bustamante was able to Tq Stock buggy Open Buggy and better his TQ in Open ST Truck.

Open Mod Buggy was first Bustamante got a clean start and lead the main tone to tone with his Tekin RS Gen2 Redline Gen2 8.5 powered TLR 22. In Open Truck it was a different story, they watered right before the main and with no track time on a wet track Bustamante struggled to get his car around the track. Mike held the lead as long as he could but ended up finished 3rd after struggling the entire race. In stock buggy qualifying was close and Bustamante knew the main was going to be fun. Bustamante led most of the race until he cased the cross over jump and got spun around. Mike came out in second with a minute or so to go, closed the gap on the leader and was right behind him trying to find a place to pass. On the last lap Bustamante looked to the inside down the straight away but the leader shut the door and clipped the pipe. Mike ended up finishing second in this class with his Tekin RS Gen2 Redline Gen2 17.5 powered TLR ride.

Tekin teammate Chris Miller would win the A-main in the 4wd Mod buggy class with his Tekin RS Pro Redline Gen 2 powered Durango Dex410v3 buggy. Miller kept up the results taking 2nd in Expert Stock 2wd SC class.

Tekin wins the final round of the RC Pro Series South Division!

This past weekend the 3rd and final round of the RC Pro South Division was hosted by Speedmonkey RC in Irving, Tx.

In Pro E-Buggy, it was a combination of the usual 3 guys battling for Tq, Brian Henn(Tekin), Jake Dellinger and David Joor(Tekin).  Dellinger would take the Tq, Joor 2nd and myself 4th.  In Pro4, Henn had a rough first qual, still only missing Tq for that round by 1 second.  Brian easily Tq'ed the other 3 rounds to take the overall Tq with his Tekin Rx8 Gen2 Pro 4HD powered TLR 2.0 Scte.

As Sunday rolled around, Everyone knew the chance of rain was high.  Sure enough a few minutes after we arrived to the track, It began to rain.  There was a small break here and there, but not enough to be able to run.  So the mains were cancelled.  Finishing positions were based off qualifying leaving David Joor 2nd, Brian Henn 4th overall in Pro E Buggy.  Henn would take the rained out win in the Pro 4 division.

Joor and Henn both chose the Tekin Rx8 Gen2 and T8 1900 motor in Pro E Buggy. Henn took the win in Pro 4 with his Tekin Rx8 Gen2 and Pro 4 Hd 4300kv motor.

Tekin and Drake take round 4 of the JBRL Nitro Series!

This past weekend ARC Raceway hosted round 4 of the JBRL Nitro Series.  The event had over 150 entries.  The track was hard packed, but as the day went on the track became very rough which made line selection very important for the finals.
In the electric buggy class, Tq Adam Drake’s Tekin Rx8 Gen2 T8 1900 powered TLR 8ight 3.0 was able to take the victory by a large margin.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tekin wins big at the Masters RC Electric Champs.

On Saturday July 13 the Masters RC Electric Championship kicked off at HCRCR in McDonough Ga today. Tekin drivers Blane Allen, Eddy Cordoba, Bo McCain, and Mark Moon were all present Tekin at the race competing in various divisions.
Moon, Cordoba,Allen, McCain
Tekin teammates Mark Moon and Blane Allen chose the Tekin RS Gen2 and Gen2 8.5 in 2wd mod buggy which made great power to clear a big double in the middle of the track! Moon would take the overall Tq while Allen would have his work cut out for him starting from the 6th position. Allen would manage to fight his way back and finished 2nd in the main behind teammate Mark Moon who would take down the win!

Tekin driver Bo McCain competed in the Pro 4 SC division taking 2nd place overall with his Tekin Rx8 Gen2 and Pro 4 motor.

In 1/8 Pro E-Buggy Eddy Cordoba was able to TQ and take the win running his Tekin Rx8 T8 powered Kyosho buggy! Eddy also TQ'd 2wd Mod SCT and finish second after a bad start.

All in all, all the competitors had a very good time and the track was dialed!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Tekin takes top positions at the 2013 JConcepts Summer Indoor Nats!

This past round of the 2013 JConcepts Summer Indoor Nats series was held at the Outback Raceway in Chico, Ca. Home of Amain Hobbies the Outback Raceway is one of the premier indoor racing facilities in northern california. With over 250 entries it would be a hard fought battle to not only get into the Amain but win one. Facotry drivers from Associated, Team Losi, Kyosho, Tekno RC, and many more were in attendance.

Tekin factory drivers Curtis Door and Matt Olson would dominate all 3 rounds of qualifying in the heavily contested Pro4 SC division. Both choosing the Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc with Door choosing the Pro 4 4600 and Olson running the Pro4 HD 4300. The two would line up 1-2 in the A main and it was sure to be an epic 8 minute main. The crowed lined the track to watch. Right from the tone the two were nose to tail not giving up anything to each other. The two freight trained around the track and were in traffic in no less than 3 laps into the race. Dicing through back markers the two would make small bobbles seemingly in unison making for a great race. Olson would make his way around Door only to give up the position a few laps later. The two would finish the race in the order they qualified, Door taking the win followed by Matt Olson and BMiller Racings Patrick Zhao taking 3rd. 8 out of 10 drivers chose a Tekin Rx8 and Pro4 motor of either type to power their Pro4 SC truck, total domination of the class.
Tekin was the esc of choice in nearly every stock class division win. Local hero Shon Wilcox would Tq the 40+ Stock ST Truck class and take the overall win using a Tekin RS Gen2 esc. Randy "Buttercup" Lathrop would take 2nd running a Tekin RS Gen 2 and Redline Gen 2 17.5 motor.
Wilcox would continue his good fortune and win the 40+ Stock Buggy title again using a Tekin RS Gen2. Team driver Craig Patterson would join him on the podium in 3rd also running the Tekin RS Gen2 and Redline Gen 2 motor.
The Tekin RS Gen2 would continue to dominate the stock classes in the hands of BMiller racing ace Nathan Bernal. Nathan would Tq the Stock ST Class taking the overall win with an exciting win over Ryan Sagisi. The two drivers would put on quite the show in their A-main battle!

Check out the video of the epic battle in the Dash for Cash! Tekin team driver Curtis Door goes on to take home the $$!

Tekin power takes 1/8 E Nats warm up!

Held at LCRC in Oakland Mills, PA over 140 entries at the event meant competition was on. With varying conditions throughout the event racers were kept on their toes all weekend.

Paul Ciccarello would take the overall win with his Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc 1900 T8 powered Serpent buggy. Joining Paul on the podium is Tekin powered John Michael McGinty taking 4th overall.

John Michael won the A1 ETruggy main and finished 4th in the A2 main which gave him a 2nd overall running a Tekin Rx8 Gen2 esc and 2000kv T8 motor. Privateer Mike Speranza taking 3rd also running a Tekin Rx8 and 2250 T8 motor.

Tekin sweeps the ROAR Region 11 Off-road Champs!

Tekin cleans house at the 2013 ROAR Region 11 1/10 offroad championships in Spokane, WA.

Jeremy,Nick, Shane
The 2wd Mod Buggy would be all Tekin/AE Team Driver Nick Buechler, Tq'ing the class and securing the overall win after A2. Nick ran a Tekin Gen 2 RS and Redline Gen 2 8.5 Motor.

The 2wd Mod Truck class would be all Jeremy Potter and his Tekin powered TLR 22T, wrapping up the win after A2 with a Tekin RS Gen 2 and Redline Gen 2 9.5. Buechler would win A3 to bring home a 2nd overall with his Tekin Gen 2 RS/Redline Gen 2 8.5 combo.

The 4wd Mod Buggy was dominated again by Nick Buechler and his Tekin RS Pro/Gen 2 Redline 6.5 powered AE B44.2. Nick would walk away from the field in every qualifier and main to take home the victory. Privateer Ross Carter would take a well deserved 2nd overall running an RS Pro/Redline Gen 2 6.5 combo as well.

The 4wd SC belonged to Tekin/TLR Team Driver Shane Preugschat. Starting on pole, Shane quickly left the rest of the field to fight for 2nd in both A1 and A2. Shane choose the Tekin RX8 and Pro 4 4600 to get the job done.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tekin powered Alberto Garcia takes RD3 of the Spanish EP Nationals Series.

The third round of the Spanish EP Nationals took place this past weekend at the Serracines track. Practice rounds showed a very dusty layout without any clean racing line however for the first qualifying rounds the grip was higher and the weather temperature over 30ºC.

Tekin's Alberto Garcia TQ’d the first three rounds of qualifying claiming the overall TQ which allowed him time during the last two rounds to test different setups for the main finals. Alberto managed his speed during the first two finals which allowed him to claim victory with his Tekin Rx8 Gen2 T8 powered Serpent Cobra 811Be ahead of Daniel Vega and Sergio Martínez who finished second and third respectively.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rx8 Gen2 powers Drake and Lutz to victory at the AMS 4.0 in Cullman Alabama!

The AMS track crew provided a challenging indoor supercross style track. The event had over 500 entries.

In the Pro E-Buggy class Tekin powered Ryan Lutz tq’ed followed by Tekin teammate Adam Drake. In the double ten minute A Main format Drake was able to come out on top with his Tekin RX8 Gen 2 esc T8 1900 KV motor powered TLR 3.0 buggy. Chris Viesins would round out the podium in 5th running the same setup.

Ryan Lutz cleaned house with his Tekin Rx8 Gen2 Pro 4 4600 powered Desc410r V2. Ryan Tq'd every single round of qualifying and dominated both A1 and A2 for a clean sweep of the class. Tekin factory driver Martin Harrison would take 3rd followed by Chris Viesins in 5th both running the same equipment.
The 2wd SC class was also dominated with Tekin power. The entire top 5 podium chose Tekin! Hunter Cupp, Jacob Mueller, Peyton MacDonald, Spencer Glasgow, and Mark Moon! RS Gen 2 esc's and Redline Gen 2 motors all around!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Tekin on the podium at the 2013 Nor-Star Champs!

Hosted by Tekin team driver Philip Atondo and Nevada Designs racers from all over the area converged to Delta RC the host facility. Track prep followed the recent "pre worlds" setup to allow for the local guys to get a feel for how the Nationals and upcoming worlds was going to be. Kudos to the event organizers for thinking ahead for the local talent.
pic courtesy of J. Stark
With classes setup to fit any driver of every skill level it was touted as one of the most enjoyable races of the year. Anything from beginners 17.5 to the full mod classes allowed everyone to find their class and race at their level. 

Tekin team drivers Phil Atondo and Jacob Haas would finish right behind AE's Chris Jarosz in the 2wd mod buggy class. Both Tekin/TLR drivers choosing different chassis layouts with Atondo choosing rear motor and Haas mid motor. Both drivers choosing the latest Tekin RS Gen2 esc's and Redline Gen2 motors to power their TLR rides. Haas taking 2nd overall followed by Atondo in 3rd.
pic courtesy of Nevada Designs
The 4wd SC class was dominate by Tekin power. Team driver Austin Blair would take the the win with his Tekin Rx8 Gen2 Pro4 HD 4300kv powered Tekno SC truck. In 3rd Lou Figuiera also chose Tekin power.
pic courtesy of Nevada Designs