Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Drake wins big at the IERC Toys for Tots race!

Last Saturday IERC Raceway hosted their Inaugural Toys for Tots race.  The event had 165 entries.  The weather in southern CA. was cold and rainy so Team Tekin drivers Adam Drake, Ronda Drake, Matt Olson and many other Tekin drivers grabbed their electric vehicles and headed indoors.

Adam "The Drake" would also drop his Tekin powered TLR Scte 4wd Sc down at this race. Fellow Tekin teammate Matt Olson would take the overall Tq but the two drivers would battle it out during the main. In the end Adam would edge out Matt for the overall win. Joining them on the podium was none other than Tekin powered Ronda Drake. All 3 drivers chose the Tekin Rx8 and Pro 4 4600kv motor.

Adam Drake also competed in 1/8th E-buggy class taking down the win. Followed in 2nd place by Brian Sullivan and 3rd place Ronda Drake. All 3 drivers choose the Tekin Rx8 and T8 Motors in their respective chassis.

Cordoba wins Toys for Tots at The Warehouse!

This past weekend the Warehouse Raceway in Helena, Alabama hosted their First Annual Toys for Tots Charity Race. There were a total of 124 entries ranging from 2WD Open Buggy to Pro Nitro Buggy.

Tekin driver Eddy Cordoba raced 2WD Open Buggy and Expert 1/ E-Buggy. Both classes had 20+ entries. During the two round qualifying Eddy struggled a bit qualifying 2nd in 2WD Open Buggy and 3rd in Expert E-Buggy. When it came down to the mains time though, Eddy's would bring it all together and put in consistent laps taking wins in both classes! Eddy was using a Tekin RS Pro and Redline 13.5 in my 2WD Buggy and a Tekin RX8 and T8 1900kv motor in E-Buggy.

Dunford wins the Holiday Brawl Series!

With the fourth and final round of the 2012 Holiday Brawl at OCRC Raceway in Huntington Beach in the books. TLR/Tekin/Panther Tires driver Ryan Dunford takes the overall series win in both Pro 4 and Pro 2 and 2nd in 8th scale electric.  The four weeks were filled with a ton of action and great competition as always is the case at OCRC Raceway.

The standings were close but in the end, Ryan Dunford was the most consistent winning all four rounds of pro 2 and 3 rounds of pro 4 to take the overall series titles.  The combination of his power provided by Tekin and his traction provided by Panther Tires with Trackstar Black additive proved to be the winning combination on his TLR rides.  Ryan chose the Tekin Rx8 and Pro 4 4600kv motor for his 4wd Sc and the Tekin RS Pro and Gen 2 7.5 for his 2wd SC TLR rides.

This race was fantastic as Robert and Nick from OCRC provided raffle prizes at the end won by accumulating tickets with wins and participating that awarded many RC products as well as TV’s, DVD players, and all sorts of gift cards.  It was a great event.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tekin's Brett Kingsbury wins ROAR Region 4 Championship!

The ROAR Region 4 Championships were held this past weekend at Shiverville Racetrack located in High Springs, FL.

The race weekend started off with controlled practice Friday.  After getting used to the track and making a few changes to both cars most drivers felt confident going into qualifying day. Three rounds of qual points style qualifying on Saturday.  In 2wd Mod Buggy Tekin factory pilot Brett Kingsbury had a top 3 car but ended up 5th after a few mistakes.  In 4wd Mod Buggy Bretty would redeem himself Tq'ing all three rounds of qualifying followed closely by several fast Florida drivers.

In 2wd Mod Buggy Brett would have a few mechanical issues(ball cup) in two mains which hurt his chances of a podium position. Moving onto 4wd Mod Buggy Bretty would take the win in the first main, and take a 2nd in A2. With the top 2 drivers both having a win and a 2nd, it would come down to A3.  Early on in the race Brett dropped down to 3rd place after a mistake.  Knowing he had a 6 minute main he would stay composed and knock down some fast laps to regain the lead at the 2 minute mark to take the win by a close .2 sec!

 Brett chose a Tekin Gen 2 7.5 4wd buggy and RS Pro. For 2wd buggy Brett chose a Tekin Gen 2 8.5 and RS Esc.

Photo courtesy of Cheryl Joye-Shiver

Mark Moon takes Toys for Tots win!

Every December for the past 6 years Loganville RC Speedway hosts the Toys for Tots RC race in Loganville, GA.  This year  a new record of 138 entries was set, busting the 116 entries of last year.

Mark Moon would TQ and win 2wd SCT and finished 3rd in the A in 2wd buggy.  In the buggy class the top 4 would drag race to the line for a photo finish.  2nd thru 4th was only hundredths of a second apart! This was the best 2wd buggy race this year.  A local church came and picked up the toys, no matter how we finished on the track we all left as winners knowing that we gave to the less fortunate and was a pleasure bringing toys for those in need. Mark Moon chose the Tekin RS ESC and Gen 2 Redline motors.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lucas Sanford takes Rd1 of the Top Notch Series!

This past weekend was the first race of the new Top Notch Series (TNS). Round 1 would kick off at my home track, SDRC Raceway. Lucas recaps

"8th scale E buggy: I chose to use the Tekin RX8 ESC with the T8 2050 motor. After the first round of qualifying, I was sitting in 10th place. My heat was riddled with traffic, and a turn marshal error cost me about 15 seconds after the marshal falling on top of my buggy and turning me upside down twice. Team Associated's Kody Numedahl would take the first round TQ. The second round of qualifying was a much cleaner heat for me, and I put in a flawless run to snatch the TQ away from Numedahl. Numedahl and I were in separate heats each round, so I would have to wait and watch to see if I would retain TQ. Numedahl put in a good run his second round, but could not manage to run quicker than my TQ time, so I started first on the grid for the A main event.

The A main for 8th scale E buggy was undoubtedly the most exciting race of the entire night. From the sound of the start tone, it was a battle between Numedahl and myself around every corner. I went wide on an uphill turn and went up on two wheels. Numedahl made a pass on the inside, only for me to take back the lead with a pass on the next lap. The entire race, everyone on the sidelines was yelling with excitement as our cars went around each corner together. From that point on, I would retain the lead, with Numedahl looking to pass on every corner, only about a car length behind me. With 30 seconds to go, Numedahl went for broke and tried to make a jumping pass and rolled over. I stretched my lead to 4 seconds. Time ran out and I crossed the finish line in the top spot, with Numedahl in second. My Kyosho MP9 TKI3 with the Tekin RX8 ESC and T8 2050 motor was extremely consistent and fast the entire night."

Monday, November 26, 2012

Tekin power Matt Olson recaps the Electric Buffet Race!

"I had a fantastic weekend racing at The Vegas RC raceway with my Tekin/MIP equipped SCTE and AE SC10. After a long awaited bump to the modified class in Pro2 I threw in the new Tekin Gen2 7.5 motor into my AE SC10 and it felt great! It supplied smooth all around power but wasn't punchy nor did it get hot. I ended up 2nd just behind Mike Truhe and not a bad debut for just throwing in a motor and going for it. In the Pro4 class it was pure dominance with the Tekin/MIP Pro4mance packed 4x4. I took all 3 rounds of qualifying with the fastest times all weekend long and the eventual win on mains day. Of course the Tekin RX8 and Tekin 4600KV motor were more than enough power for the small track and actually wish I was using the Tekin 3300 because the 4600 was a monster! Thank you Tekin for the continued support and reliable products."  Matt Olson

Steve Salvas is the 2012 Sprint Car National Champ!

Last weekend was the 2012 Sprint Car Nationals at Bumps and Jumps R/C Speedway in Etters, PA.

Factory Tekin driver Steve Salvas would enter the heaviest class Mod Sprint with well over 60+ entries. Right from the word "go" Steve's car was  stout and he knew right then, that a great race day was ahead for the Mod Sprint class.  A few more practice runs on Friday night to fine tune the suspension and Steve was ready for Saturday's event.  "I didn't play with my motor setup at all as it was perfect.  My Redline Gen2 4.5 and RS Pro were performing flawlessly, power was stellar, and I was coming back to the pits with motor and esc temps I hadn't seen that low before." Steve

Race day in the Mod Sprint class would consist of:  (3) 4-minute qualifying heats.  Qualifying based on a point system, best 2 out of 3 rounds to set the mains.  (1) 2-minute Dash race to set the A-Main starting positions.

Qualifying went great for Steve. The car was performing as expected, both car handling and power was class of the field.  Steve would  make it to the Dash race which he won relatively easily.  His win in the Dash allowed Steve to start first in the A-Main and once it all over, Steve would take home the big hardware in dominating fashion.

"A convincing win over a stout field of racers for my Redline Gen2 4.5 powered Sprint Car. Thank you Tekin for these products that allow us to run up front!" Steve Salvas

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Doug Tudor takes the NC SCT Series Title!

The final round of the NC SCT Challenge series (7 race series, 4 different tracks, 2 throw outs) wrapped up  this past weekend at WCRC in Wilkesboro, NC. Tekin Driver Doug Tudor would go into the finals tied for 1st. 3 qualifiers and double 10 minute A mains were the schedule for the final round. Doug would qualify 3rd overall. A1 Doug would get out clean with the first 4 trucks and within 2 laps was battling for the lead. The leaders would swap back and forth for the better part of the race until Doug would finally take the lead for good in the final minutes taking the win in A1. A2 Doug got out clean in first place and never looked back winning A2 taking the series finals race. This gave Doug the 2012 NC SCT Challenge Series 4wd SCT Champ. Doug used the Tekin Rx8 and Pro 4 4600kv motor to win the series.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Lawson takes Nitro Club Points Series title!

The Oklahoma Nitro Club 2012 season point’s series has wrapped up at Taylor Park R.C. in Yukon, Oklahoma. The Points series consisted of an 8 race series best of 5 finishes.  With one race each month from  March until October the series saw about every kind of weather imaginable from extreme heat, cold, rain, high winds, and just about everything Mother Nature can think of.

Tekin factory driver Heath Lawson had remained in the 3rd spot for most of the series but a top qualifying position and a win in the 8th and final point’s race of the season lifted him in to the #1 position and earning him the 1/8th scale electric 2012 season championship!

"The 1/8th scale electric class was arguably the most competitive class of the year. There were a total of 30 drivers contending for the point’s championship which made for some close points battles. I could not have made it through the long season without the flawless performance of my Tekin RX8 speed control and T8 1900 KV motor. I had no problems at all throughout the entire season; I was able to finish EVERY main event of the 2012 season with 0 mechanical failures. I would like to thank Randy Pike and Team Tekin for all their help and support this year. I could not have done it without them." Heath Lawson

Lucas Sanford wins Inaugural TrackStar Championship!

The 1st annual TrackStar Championship Grand Prix that took place at SDRC this past weekend. Team Tekin pilot Lucas Sanford would attend with excellent results. Lucas would go on to win 1/8 scale eBuggy and 1/10 Mod 4WD buggy, while taking 3rd place in 1/10 2WD buggy.

Lucas used the Tekin RX8 esc paired with a Tekin 2050 T8 Redline in his Kyosho MP9 TKI3 1/8 scale eBuggy. Lucas chose the Tekin RS Pro for both 4wd and 2wd buggy paired with Gen 2 Redline motors.

 "Thank you for all the support!"  Lucas Sanford

Thursday, November 8, 2012

David Joor Three-Peats The RC Pro National Electric Title

David Joor Three-Peats The RC Pro National Electric Title | 2012, 2011, & 2010 

This year the RC Pro National Finals started on Halloween in Houston at Mike's Hobbyshop. The series consists of 4 events in the southern division and with RCP being born and raised in the south it is by far the largest division to compete in. Electric being the largest in the group with a turn out of usually 40+ at each divisional race. I won the finals in 2009 (but not the National because I started too late in the year for max points), 2010 National, and 2011 National, I really wanted to go for the three-peat. However I knew this year would be tough with so many people getting into electric and getting faster. It also turns out that the Mike's Hobbyshop track has always been my nemesis and this year would be different but not.. 

Going into the Finals I had prepared by testing several times during the year on a good base setup. The only day of practice went well and Lutz and I were swapping fast laps back and forth throughout the day. For the final practice run he went before me and ran a 29.1 and I ran a 29.0 right after. Ryan is always 0.75 - 1 a second per lap faster than me so this was a good feeling going into qualifying (In A2 I did a 28.2 but Lutz did a 27.8 in A3, still better than 1 second!). Electric was the largest class and there was no resorting until round 4 which was going to make it tough. This event my car was ready and I was confident but slower cars would be the demise of my progress. In electric I only had two wrecks that weren't in some way caused by passing another car. Lutz found his pace and was able to do consistently faster laps than me but had electrical problems in almost every qualifier. I ended up barely squeezing in overall TQ over Jake Dellinger (Fellow AE / Avid / FTW driver) by TQ'ing 2 rounds and both with 15 lap runs. This was good because I needed the 2 points for TQ because Jake had gone into the finals with only 3 points less than me. 

When mains came around, the first main was semi clean with a corner marshall knocking over Jake's car in an attempt to flip me back over. Feeling as though it was somewhat my fault for the corner incident I waited until he and Brian had gotten near me before we started racing again. Brian would have a bobble early on shortly followed by Jake which gave me a good 5 seconds of breathing room. However Lutz had an amazing start by getting into 4th in the first couple of laps and was on a mission to hunt down the leader given his bad luck in qualifying. At 8 minutes in Lutz had caught and passed me and I made a diligent charge to reel him back in which I did but going over the triple I tapped his car in the air which caused my car to spin out on the landing and with only 2 laps left and lap traffic we finished 1.5 seconds apart. In A2 I had a very solid start and had a nice 5 second gap once again on Dellinger by 5 minutes in but twice I had to single single over the important off-camber double due to 3 lap cars battling for position which would cost me 4 seconds. Jake was no only 3 feet behind me while I had a lap car just 1 foot in front of mine and for a full lap the lap car wasn't battling anyone for position, the race announcer asking him to move over for us 3 times, and everyone in pit lane and around the track informing him to pull over but he never did until 33 seconds later after he got out of control and I had no where to go but into his car. This allowed Jake and Lutz to get by and I couldn't find my way back after that finishing 3rd. For A3 I calculated that I need to lead 7 laps so that no one could take most laps led from me. This would give me 2 more additional points to win the National title in case I didn't beat Dellinger in this main. So I did just that, lead the first 7 laps and on la p 8 my speedo wire finally frayed apart from the pounding it took on the hard triple landing and I had to DNF. However I finished with 1 point more than Dellinger to take the National title once again! 

Thank you to my sponsors, Team Associated, Reedy, KO Propo, Tekin, Upgrade, VP, FTW, Dialed, Paint by Smiley, and Avid. David Joor

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Matt Olson is the Jconcepts Indoor Nats SC Champ!

Matt Olson attended the last round of the Jconceps Indoor Nationals series taking down big wins and wrapping up the overall series titles!

"I had a great weekend at New Reds Hobbies in Ocala Florida last weekend at the JConcepts Nationals Series Finale. I ended up taking the TQ and win in both classes as well as the series win overall for the JC Nats Series. My Tekin powered MIP Pro4mance Pro4 and Tekin powered MIP/AE Pro2 Stock, trucks were lighting quick all weekend long and really shined in both corners and on the straight away. With the power of the Tekin RX8 Pro 4 4600Kv at the heart of my MIP truck I was able to put the power to the ground and pulled people out of the corners and was yarding opponents down the straight. In Pro2 Stock bottom to mid range power was crucial and the new Gen 2 17.5 motor and Tekin RS Pro was more than perfect for the job. In both classes I held the fastest lap and overall times in each class. Thank you Tekin for all the support and great products." Matt Olson

Eustace Moore and Brandon Upshaw also chose Tekin power for the Jconceps Indoor Series.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tekin's Johnny LoGiudice hits 'em hard in "The Series"

"The Series" was a 6 round series held at 6 different locations. Tracks both indoor and outdoor, hard packed to loamy style make "The Series" one of the hardest in the region to win.

Tekin powered Johnny LoGiudice would pull this off in not just one class but two! Two of the divisions with the most entries and strongest talent the region had to offer. At each track Johnny would stick to a Tekin RS Pro and Gen 2 10.5 in 2wd Mod Buggy and Tekin RS Pro with a Gen 2 9.5 in Pro 2 Short Course. These were the power combinations Johnny chose to win the 2wd Mod Buggy and 2wd Pro 2 SC titles!

Here's recap of the tracks and facilities that help host "The Series"

Dirtburners, Litchfield, The Track, Granger, Stateline, and AMS

Tekin powers John Cravotta to win at the Durango North East Indoor Championship!

John Cravotta headed up to Maine this past weekend for the Durango North East Indoor Championship. Here's his recap of the event:

"There were 155 entries and some big guns from Durango and Associated in attendance. I ran three classes, Open 2wd SC, Open 2wd Truck, and 4wd SC. Practice Saturday all three cars were dialed! They had a club race after practice on Saturday and it was a tight race with Carson Wernimont from Durango finishing in 1st and myself only one second behind him. I won Open Truck, and placed second in 4wd SC setting my expectations high for the first round later that night.

The 2wd SC Main A Main was a good one, my Tekin RS Pro Gen 2 7.5 powered X-Factory SCX-60CF was dialed! The Jconcepts Blue Bar Codes and Sticky Kicks Roja compound had me glued to the track, my Team Scream Racing batteries were crazy fast, matching lap times with Team Durango's Carson Wernimont for 5 laps until we came up on lap traffic. He squeaked by two trucks and I got tied up with them giving him the distance he needed to take the win and myself placing 2nd.

I had a great start with my Tekin RS Pro Gen 2 6.5 powered X- Factory X60 in the 2wd Truck A Main and put a good lead on second place to make him push hard and make mistakes trying to catch up. The Jconcepts Blue compound Pressure points and Sticky Kicks Roja combo were money! I had mad rip with my Team Scream Racing batteries. This combination gave me all the power needed to take down the win.

The 4wd A Main SC was a battle!  I was Bumper to bumper with Travis Amezcua from Durango and Mike Wilder from Associated for the first lap separating us from the pack. The power from the Tekin RX8 and Pro4 4600 and Team Scream Racing batteries allowed me take over 1st place due to mistakes made by Travis and Mike, but Travis took it right back when I made a line mistake two corners later. I was in second for the next 6 laps until I made a few mistakes and allowing Mike to catch up and slip by. Stayed with him for the next 5 laps and got tied up lap traffic putting me in third. I stayed in that position until there was 1.5 minutes left in the race when lap traffic cost me the 3rd spot and placing me in 4th. I did not have enough time to catch him and to seal the deal on my hat trick podium. The Jconcepts Blue Barcodes and Sticky Kicks Roja were dialed.

I want to thank all my sponsors for all their support in 2012, and hope to keep your support for 2013."

Monday, October 22, 2012

Tekin dominates the JBRL Finals in the Pro 4 SC division!

The final round of the 9th Annual JBRL Electric Series finished up at the world famous Hot Rod Hobbies. Once again Jimmy Babcock and crew would host one of the premier racing series around. Tekin Team drivers would converge on the final looking to wrap up their titles.

In Pro 4 SC division it would be a complete Tekin Team podium. Ryan Dunford would take the top spot with his Tekin Rx8/Pro 4 powered TLR Sct-e. 2nd position would be filled by Chris Blais also piloting a Tekin Rx8/Pro 4 powered TLR Scte. Doug "Casper" Nielsen would take the final spot with yet another Tekin Rx8/Pro 4 powered TLR Scte!


All Tekin Team drivers utilized the following products:

Tekin Rx8 ESC
Tekin Pro 4 4600kv Motor
Tekin Hotwire USB Device

Matt Olson wins big at the SC Showdown Finals with Tekin Power!

The 7th and final round of the Short Course Showdown series wrapped up once again at Mike's Hobby Shop in Texas. If you ever get a chance to stop by and check out this RC mecha do so with great enthusiasm. This single facility literally has it all.

Tekin powered Matt Olson from MIP fame made the trip along with the rest of his fellow MIP team. Matt would be up against stiff competition from TLR's own Frank Root in the Pro 4 class. Exchanging Tq multiple times.  Come main time Matt would take the title that meant most, the winner!  Matt would take his Tekin Rx8 Pro 4 4600kv powered MIP/TLR chassis to an overall victory!

Matt would also take down a big win the Pro 2 17.5 SC Division using the latest Tekin Gen 2 17.5 and Tekin RS esc. Taking down it's first big win, the Tekin Gen 2's are sure to continue winning at your local track. Check 'em out here!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Wayne Wyrick wins Expert Stock Truck at the Reedy Truck Race

Once again the Reedy Truck race was held at the world renowned Hot Rod Hobbies. Held on the first weekend of October the weather would be primed for some good tight racing. As always Jimmy Babcock would run a brilliant race and fun was had by everyone that attended. One of the attending racers was Tekin powered Wayne Wyrick. 

Wayne would take the overall Tq of the Expert Stock Truck division over recently crowned National Champ Kevin Motter. To say that the racing was close in this class would be a huge under statement. Wayne would beat out his competition and take the overall win when the dust had settled.

photo courtesy of LiveRC

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tekin powers Jubal and Son to overall wins of RD4 of the CCEOC Series!

The 4th round of the CCEOC series that was to be held outdoors at DK Raceway. However the fall Indiana weather would force it to JCP's indoor track on Saturday, Oct 6. There were around 60 entries on the day, consisting of several electric classes that raced 2 qualifiers and mains. Jubal and his son Easton and entered 2 classes. Easton raced in Novice and Jubal was in 2wd Mod Buggy.

Easton managed to win both qualifiers and being the TQ going into the mains. His Tekin RS/17.5 powered SC10 was working very well, so we decided to leave well enough alone. At the start of the main he put in several clean laps and pulled away from the rest of the field going on to lap the entire field by the end of the main giving him a sweep on the day!!

Jubal's first round of 2wd mod left little to be desired and sitting 4th. A few key adjustments before the second qualifier would have excellent results allowing Jubal to take the overall TQ by 14 secs. At the sound of the tone Chad Gillum and Brian Bourland put serious pressure on Jubal early but he was able to slowly pull away lapping all but 2nd and 3rd and only being 6 secs behind them. "MyTekin RS/8.5 Gen2 was a rocket ship!" Jubal

"As always I want to thank Tekin, Panther, DE Racing, Avid, Coyote Hobbies and Scaggs Designs for all of their continued support. My son and I wouldn't be able to compete at this level without each one of them!!" Jubal Dike

Tekin powers Mip's Matt Olson to Victory!

Held over the past weekend the Jconcepts Fall Indoor Nationals Series kicked off at RC Excitement. Matt Olson would take the overall Tq position over AE's Steven Hartson. Matt would start from the pole and the two would freight train around the track until lap 4 where Hartson would make a small bobble going over the large double allowing Olson to break away and take the win from tone to tone.  Matt chose the Tekin Rx8 and Pro 4 4600 to power his MIP chassis to victory.

Ryan Lutz takes big wins at the Southern Nats.

4WD SC – On Friday during my first practice packs on the track I made it 3 laps before I broke the rear aluminum diff hoop. Of course this being a part I wouldn’t expect to break I didn’t have any spares and so luckily I was able to have someone next day air me the part so that I could compete come race days. Come Satruday the part arrived around 11AM. To late to make the first qualifier so I had just the last two left and needed to make them count. Having only had a couple laps on the track and when it was much smoother I wasn’t sure how I was going to fare. Luckily my Tekin powered Durango DESC410RV2 was up to the task and was absolutely blistering on this track. Down the long front straight my Tekin Rx8 and Pro 4 4600 4-pole and ProTek batteries supplied all the power I needed and it was smooth sailing those last two qualifiers. I was able to take commanding TQ’s of both rounds and secure the overall.

Come Sunday it was time for Triple A’s. In A1 the first race of the morning and starting on pole I just took off and did what I did during the qual's. I built a stronger lead lap after lap and went on to win by quite a margin. In A2 it was much the same. The track had dried out a bit and a groove had actually formed in some areas making the track a little faster. I was able to put in a few 41 second lap times with my SC truck which was only just a little over a second slower than my 1/8th scales! My truck was dialed and went on to compliment the TQ with the Win.

1/8th Electric Buggy – My Tekin powered Durango DEX408 was dialed this weekend. The rough track was no match for it as I was able to take some commanding TQ’s in all 3 qualifiers and thus taking the overall TQ. Come main time it was much the same as in 4wd SC. I would start on pole and never look back. Pulling a larger lead each lap coming away with some solid victories in both A1 and A2 and thus the overall Win. I chose the Tekin Rx8 and Tekin T8 1900 motor in this class.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tekin wins the Michigan State Champs Series!

The last round of the Michigan State Champs Series the battle was between Tekin/Hot Bodies sponsored Nick Vasquez (who'd already claimed the 2012 title in this class), Scott Rapoport, Caleb Henry and Mike Raaz. When the dust settled Scott Rapoport would take first, Tekins Nick Vasquez in second Caleb Henry in third.
Ever since round #2 of the series, it has been the Johnny LoGiudice show in the 2WD Short Course class. So it was no surprise to see Tekin powered Johnny LoGiudice on top of the chart when qualifying concluded.

Right after the start of the main, Johnny LoGiudice took the lead and checked out. Behind Johnny the battle was on between Nate, Bryan Boucher and John 'Apple' McIntosh. At the end of the main, it was Tekins  Johnny LoGiudice who crossed the line in first, John 'Apple' McIntosh in second and Russell Chester in third. Johnny chose the Tekin RS Pro and Redline Gen 2 10.5 motor.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tekin powered Matt Olson Cleans up at the Jconcepts Clash!

Last weekend the 6th Annual JConcepts Clash  race was held at the Flowood Indoor RC Park. Racers from all over the country converged to the event for some great racing. Tekin powered Matt Olsom would put his MIP Pro 4 SC into the Tq position and would knock out the wins in quick fashion taking both A1 and A2 in convincing fashion.

"I had a great weekend at the Jconcepts Clash with my Tekin Rx8 Pro 4 / MIP Pro4mance packed Losi SCTE and AE SC10 Pro 2. Both of my cars were powered by Tekin and worked flawlessly all weekend. I had plenty of all around power and a frightening amount of bottom end that really gave me the edge shooting from corner to corner. Thanks again for the continued support and great products. " Matt Olson

Jubal Dike takes a win at the CCEOF Series...

The 3rd round of the Circle City Electric Off-Road Series took place Sunday, September 23 at E Squared Raceway in Avon, IN. This race marked the halfway point in the 6 round, 3 track series. There were 60+ entries in several different classes.

The Pro2 class was one of the largest classes, going back to a C main. Jubal Dike was able to sweep qualifying with his Tekin powered FT SC10 and hold the overall TQ by several seconds. At the start of the main Jubal was able to put in clean laps, which was very difficult with the track conditions. He was able to slowly pull away in the 8 min main, only being marshaled once, and that was on the last lap when he had the race well in hand. Jubal was able to lap all the way up to second place, and only being 5 seconds from him at the end of the race. The truck was absolutely on rails with plenty of power with a Tekin RS and Gen 2 8.5.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Tekin powered Mark Unrath wins Rd5 of the Region 2 Points Series

This past weekend was the final round (5) of the ROAR Region 2 Mid-Atlantic Off-road Point Series.  The race was located at LCRC Raceway in PA home of the ROAR 8th Scale Nationals.  We had 105+ entries for this race.  ROAR put on a great event and hosted lunch for everyone.  This was my first time racing at LCRC and the facility was awesome.

Mark managed to qualify well after 3 rounds putting his Tekin powered Mugen Eco buggy 3rd and his Tekin powered Mugen E truggy 2nd overall. 

Mains were underway and Mark would battle it out with Alex Miller swapping positions during A1. Mark would take P2 in A1. A2 Mark would get a great start and would be on the heels of Alex right away. Alex would suffer from a mechanical allowing Mark to walk away with A2 giving him the overall win! This would give Mark the 2nd Overall for the points series! Mark used a Tekin Rx8 and T8 2050 to power his Mugen buggy.

E truggy would Mark would battle with Kash for the majority of the A1. The two would battle the entire racing with Mark taking down P2 for A1. In A2 Mark would bobble in the whoops and have to push hard to catch back up to the leader. Lapped traffic would slow the leader a bit helping Marks cause and with 2 laps left Mark would get by for the win! Mark chose the Tekin Rx8 and T8 2000kv for his Mugen E Truggy. This would give Mark 2nd overall at the event.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lucas Sanford wins Rd 7 of the JBRL Electric Series

Tekin powered Lucas Sanford takes Rd7 of the 2012 JBRL Electric series held at West Coast RC Raceway. Lucas used the Tekin Rx8 and T8 2050 in his Kyosho 1/8 buggy for the victory.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tekin wins big at the Horizon Hobby Air Meet!

One of Tekin's latest team additions young Toddie Anderson would take the overall 2wd Pro 2 Mod SC class at the Horizon Air Meet in Sanford, ME. Held this past weekend Toddie would take his Tekin powered TLR 22TSC to an overall win over teammates Dustin Evans and others. Toddie took the win in style getting a 2nd in A1 and 1st in A2!

Fellow Tekin powered Casey Retke would take 2nd place overall. Tekin team driver John Cravotta would take 4th overall.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tekin dominates the 9th Annual Sidewinder Race

Held at ARC Raceway, the 9th Annual Sidewinder Nitro Explosion was filled with factory drivers all prepping for worlds. Electric 1/8 has become a heavily contested class with entries from nearly all factory teams contending for the top positions.

Team Tekin powered Adam Drake would Tq the class with his Tekin Rx8/1900 powered TLR 8ight 2.0e . Behind him was his Tekin/TLR Teammate Jacob Haas. Jacob is a young up and comer and he should be watched as his skill and consistency is getting better and better each race. Jacob chose the Tekin Rx8/2050 combo while Jeremy Kortz ran the Tekin Rx8/1900 combo.

Two 10 minute mains would be run in this class. Adam would take the win in A1 followed by Tekin teammate Jeremy Kortz 2nd and Jacob Haas 3rd. A2 would again have Adam out front followed this time by Jacob Haas 2nd and Jeremy Kortz 5th. This would give Adam Drake the overall Tq and win, Jacob Haas 2nd and Jeremy Kortz 3rd for a complete Tekin powered podium!  Great job guys!

Jacob Haas(left),Adam Drake(center), Jeremy Kortz(right)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tekin team drivers win big at the Surf City Classic!

The 5th Annual Surf City Classic hosted at OCRC Raceway kicked off this past weekend. Entries closed early as sign ups filled up for the event. This 2 day event brings heavy hitters from all of the manufacturers from all over the country. 

Tekin drivers were able to take down Tq's and top spots at the event in multiple classes...

Matt Olson from MIP was able to Tq and win the Pro 4 SC class. Matt was followed closely by Tekin teammate Ryan Dunford from TLR. Both drivers would use the Tekin Rx8 and Pro 4 4600kv motor. Matt would also take 2nd in the Pro 2 Stock SC division.

Team driver Wayne Wyrick would also take the win in the heavily contested 17.5 2wd Buggy division!

2012 Labor Day Shootout Silver Dollar Raceway

The very first 2012 Labor Day Shootout was the inaugural event hosted at A Main Hobbies Silver Dollar Raceway.

Drivers from all over would converge to check out the track that will host the 2013 Ifmar 1/10 Offroad Worlds.

Tekin's Jason "Mo" Moberly would be on hand racing multiple classes. Jason would put his Tekin Rx8/Pro 4 powered Desc410r on the 3rd spot in 4wd Pro 4 Sc division. A Main's team manager Marty Korn would also use Tekin power to take the 2nd spot. Great job guys.

"Fun was had by all and with a facility like this in our backyard you'll likely see a lot of testing and practice happening at this facility." Randy Pike

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tekin powers big wins in the NCT Series!

This past weekend marked Round #5 of 6 in the Northwest Championship Tour held in Lewiston, Idaho. The track this year offered plenty with elevation changes, big jumps and rough conditions which tested both the driver and vehicle.

Team Driver Tim Hethcox would deliver big in the 1/10 portion of the event by taking TQ and winning the first two A-Mains of 4x4 SC with his Tekin RX8/Pro 4 equipped Losi SCTE. Tim wasn't done there as he was able to take the overall wins in 2wd SC and stadium truck. Tim also managed to pull off an impressive second overall in 2wd buggy despite some issues. Once the 1/10 mains were finished it was onto the 1/8 vehicles.

The E-Buggy class all year in the NCT series has been one of the most competitive classes the NW has ever seen and dominated by Tekin with round #5 being no different. Newly signed Team Driver Nick Buechler would start up front with his RX8/T8 2050 powered AE buggy but after the triple A-Mains were finished it was Tekin's very own Jeremy "PG" Potter with his HB Ve8 and RX8/T8 1900 taking the top spot and another Tekin podium sweep in the E-Buggy class.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tekin powered Barry Pettit Tq's and wins the 2012 Mugen Challenge!

The 2012 Mugen Challenge was held last weekend in Kingsville, Ohio. The weekend began with a small group of people from Canada making the trip across the border on Friday to get some practice and learn the smooth flowing layout provided by the K and B III Outback Crew.  Qualifying day came with many more people showing up to do battle on the huge track.

The track began smooth but after practice and qualifying there were numerous bumps, ruts and obstacles to handle to make a fast run. Barry would end up overall Tq in both Pro 1/8 E-Buggy and Pro Nitro Buggy.

Mains day in the Electric 1/8 Buggy class, there was about a lap between Barry and second which was a stroke of good fortune as he would break a front arm. Barry was able to limp it around to still receive first place.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Tekin dominates RD5 of the JBRL Series at ARC Raceway!

Adam Drake and other Tekin team drivers dominate Rd5 of the JBRL Series!  Held at ARC Raceway this past weekend Adam Drake would Tq the 1/8 Electric buggy class with his Tekin Rx8/T8 1900 powered TLR 8ight 2.0e buggy. In the mains it would be a full Tekin sweep all the way down to 4th place!

Tekin would power the entire podium with Tq and winner Adam Drake, 2nd place Jacob Hass, 3rd place Kellen Freeman, and 4th Ronda Drake(not pictured). All drivers used the Tekin Rx8 and T8 line of motors.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ty Tessmann wins the ARCOR series Title under Tekin Power!

This past weekend Ty attended the 3rd annual Calgary Stampede Race, held in Calgary, AB Canada. The weather turned out to be great, the racing was hot and the people were great. The RC Gears club in Calgary outdid themselves with driver give aways and a smooth running, relaxed program and a great time was had by all. 

Tekin powered Ty Tessmann took the tq and win in all 3 classes that he raced, 1/8 Pro Buggy, 1/8 Pro Truck, and 4WD Open SC. Ty used the Tekin Rx8 and Pro 4 4600kv motor in his AE SC10 4x4 truck. As this was the last race of the ARCOR series he also took the overall Championship in all 3 classes. 

"Ty's equipment once again performed flawlessly."  Gord Tessmann

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tekins Eric Salvas wins big at the 2012 WDRA Summer Nats!

On the weekend of July 14th the 2012 WDRA Summer Nationals were held. Tekin Team driver Eric Salvas was in attendance racing and helping out Tekin users.

In Mod Sprint Tekin's Eric Salvas would Tq overall using a Tekin Redline 6.5 and RS Pro. Not only would he Tq but he'd go on to win the Dash and the A-main!

Eric would continue to be fast in the Late Model 13.5 DODC class. Eric would tune his Tekin RS Pro to optimal settings to maximize the spec motor ad battery combination to take the overall Tq.  Eric would take 2nd in the Dash and finish 2nd in the A. Excellent job!

Eastern Dirt Modified 13.5 DODC Eric would again use his Tekin RSpro  to take overall Tq! Eric would take 4th in the DASH and finished 4th in the A-main! 

Tekin team drivers takes a top spots at BRCA Nationals RD4

This past weekend Rd4 of the BRCA 1/10 Offroad Nationals was hosted at Silverstone. If you've heard the name in full size racing, you'd be correct. Many a large full scale race has been held here.

The track was laid out in a covered equestrian arena. The track was mostly laid out astro turf along with a corner of natural grass installed last minute as a repair.

Qualifying would get under way. Tekin's own Kev Lee would be in the top 4 right out of the gate in Q1. Q2 would be all Kev Lee taking the round.

Kev would start 3rd on the grid for the A-mains. A1 Elliot Boots would rocket away from his TP 1 position with Darren Bloomfield and Kev Lee in tow. Darren and Kev would have an incident dicing for 2nd place with Kev getting the worst of it dropping down to finish 4th for Rd1.
A2 Elliot would make a mistake with a traction roll allowing for Kev to close the gap and take the lead. Kev would fight off Elliot would make a pass on the inside. Kev would take 2nd. Giving the Kyosho teammates a 1-2 finish.

A3 Elliot Boots would take off from TP1 and never look back. Kev and Darren would have another battle staying extremely close but professional. Kev would end up with a 3rd for A3 giving him a hard fought 3rd overall for Rd4 of the BRCA Nationals.

One of Tekin's latest Euro editions to the team Danny McGee would have a stellar weekend at Silverstone.

Danny would bust out the first 16 lap run of the day with his Tekin powered Tamiya 511. Besting Tamiay teammate Lee Martin and Ae's Neil Cragg in Q2.

Danny would start from the 3rd position for the triple A-mains. A1 would be a battle up front with Lee Martin and Neil Cragg battling it out allowing Danny to catch the leaders. Danny would traction rolling falling back to 4th where he'd finish for the round.

A2 Lee Martin and Neil Cragg would again build up a small gap to 3rd place Danny but within a few hot laps McGee would catch the lead pack and now make a 3 way battle for the lead. Danny would be rewarded for his patience as Cragg would bobble giving McGee 2nd. Soon after Lee would go wide and Danny would dive in low to take the lead. Danny would hold on until the end edging out Lee for the extra lap!

Danny would have a rough A3 finishing 6th in that round. However overall he'd finish 3rd along side Lee Martin and Neil Cragg. Excellent job Danny!

Tekin wins big at the 2012 Short Course Nats held at RC Madness.

The 2012 Short Course Nationals kicked off once again at RC Madness in Enfield, CT. Over 300 entries this year along with Mother Nature attending in a big way. The word of the day during qualifying was "hot" which had many ducking into the shade and grabbing a drink any chance they got. This event has been plagued with rain the past few years. Would it be this year?

Tekin powered Keith Whistler would Tq the Stock Short Course Buggy division with his latest Gen 2 motor and Tekin RS motoring his Team Losi SCB around the track.
Photo by  Michael Meyer
And as many you may have learned already, mother nature would rear her ugly head and open up the skies to drop water down on the event, ending all mains. Finishing order would be qualifying position giving Keith Whistler the overall Tq and win in the SCB Class. Great job Keith!

Tekin would also power Ryan Dunford in the Pro 4 SC Big Block class to a overall Tq and victory. Ryan used the Tekin Rx8 and Pro 4 4600 to power his TLR SCTe to a big win in one of the biggest classes of the weekend. Great job Ryan.