Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Matt Olson has a perfect weekend at the 1st Annual Venom Offroad Jam

Fastlane Raceway located in Blue Springs, Missouri was host to the 1st Annual Venom Offroad Jam. With well over 240+ entries racing would be stacked for the 3 qualifiers and mains. Tekin driver Matt Olson recaps:

"I had nothing but a flawless weekend with my Tekin/MIP equipped pro4 and pro2 sct trucks. In both pro4 and pro2 I was able to win all three rounds of qualifying along with the overall win to end the weekend off with a bang. My pro4 truck was equipped with the Tekin RX8 / Pro4 4600 motor, and my pro2 truck was equipped with the Tekin RS-Pro / Gen 2 9.5 (perfect for a small track). Thank you Tekin for all the support and great products!" Matt Olson

Craig Patterson puts Tekin on the top spot of the LSR Winter Series

The 2012/2013 LSR Speedway Winter Points Series was a six race series with only one throw out. Tekin driver Craig Patterson entered the ultra competitive Pro 17.5 2wd Buggy class and take the overall series title. 

Craig recaps the series: "Round (1) ended up being my throw out due to a 7th place finish.  Tough way to start off a series! Round (2) was a lot better with a 3rd place finish getting me some much needed points.  In round (3), I TQ'd and won.  The Gen 2 17.5 torque version laid down some serious power to keep me out in front of the pack wire to wire.  I was back in the series big time!  Round (4) I missed TQ by 6/100 of a second!  I would go on to make a pass early on in the main and check out for the win,  bringing me another 100 points and the points lead with one throw out factored in.  Round (5) I saw another TQ but made a mistake at the mid point of the race and finishing a disappointing 4th.  I knew I had to finish in the top two to secure the series victory and did just that with a win in the final race." Craig Patterson  
Pic courtesy of Mick Martin 
Craig chose the following Tekin products:

Monday, January 28, 2013

Tekin Drivers win big at the Epic Freeze at P1 Hobbies!

This past weekend P1 Hobbies hosted the 2nd annual Epic Freeze in Lakeport CA. A good turnout of around 140 enters with a lot of the top Northern California racers!  This was a three day event an the stadium mod truck class was very close with the top three, Tyler Vik TQ, Phillip Atondo and Jason Moberly. Going into the triple A-Mains Vik and Atondo had a great battle all the way to the end with Vik just in front of Atondo. 2nd main Atondo was all over Vik again looking for a way around until Atondo broke a trans gear. Tyler Vik out front looking like he was going to take the win suddenly broke a ball cup with just about two laps to go witch allowed Moberly to get by for the win in A2. It all comes down to who will win A3 for the overall! At the start Atondo was once again all over Vik looking for the pass as he finally found a little space to squeeze in as they rubbed wheels!  Atondo kept the lead and didn't look back to take the win and overall with his Tekin powered TLR 22T.

Both Philip and Jason chose the following Tekin Products:

TT1153 RS Pro
TT2411 Gen 2 7.5 motor
TT1450 Hotwire USB

In the Pro 4 SC division one of Tekin's newest team drivers Austin Blair would Tq the class and would take wins in A1 and A2 taking the overall win with his Tekin powered Tekno SCT410.
photo courtesy of Joe Nolasco
Austin chose to use the following Tekin products:

TT2300 Rx8 Esc
TT2500 Pro 4 4600kv motor
TT1450 Hotwire USB

In Pro 2 and Pro 4 "lites" BMiller Racing's Troy Hanson would take both classes using Tekin power!

Troy used the following:

TT1152 RS Esc
TT2251 Gen 1 17.5 
TT1450 Hotwire USB
TT2300 Rx8 Esc
TT2500 Pro 4 4600kv motor.

Martin Harrison Tq's and wins the 2013 January Jam!

The 2013 January Jam held in Flowood, Ms. had 295 entries and was the largest jam event to date. Tekin Team driver Martin Harrison recaps on the event:  "The race format was 3 qualifiers and double A-Mains in the electric classes. My Tekin powered elec buggy and truggy were flawless all weekend which allowed me to not only just to Tq, but win every qualifier setting some of the fastest times ran during the event.

My 2wd was work in progress but showed great potential as I qualified 2nd on the grid. The 2wd drive class was everything I expected, close and precise. On the last lap of A1 I was able to make a pass to finish in the number 2 spot. In A2 of 2wd mod, my tires were just getting good as I was able to take the lead from start to finish and take the number 2 spot on the podium.

In A1 of elec 1/8 buggy, I was loose and did everything to finish as well as could be expected. In A2 I changed my tire choice and was back on pace to finish in the number one spot taking 2nd overall in elec 1/8 buggy.

My 1/8 Electric truggy was just as good and after winning both A1 and A2 I secured the top spot on the podium in truggy. Thanks Tekin for equipment that just can’t be beat."

Martin chose the following Tekin Products:

TT1153 Tekin RS
TT2411 Tekin Gen 2 7.5
TT2300 Rx8 Esc
TT2352 1900 T8 Motor(buggy)
TT2361 2000kv T8 Motor(truggy)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Fabien Simonini get some results at the first race of the year!

This past weekend was the first race of the new year, a league 4 regional held in Bethunes. 80+ racers would converge on the track for the first race of the year.

Tekin team driver Fabien Simonini was on pace right away in 2wd buggy taking overall Tq for the weekend. In A1 some unfortunate spectator interference cause the Fabien's view to be blocked dropping him back to 2nd. He'd fight back but traffic wouldn't allow for a clean pass settling for 2nd. With a better start to A2 Fabien would keep Ludovic at bay and eventually pull out a 2s gap and was comfortable, even though Ludovic was pushing hard to close the gap. A late race bobble while avoiding back markers would cause Fabien to once again drop to 2nd overall. A3 was all Fabien all the time, lapping the field up to 3rd place! Fabien would take a hard fought 2nd overall win for the weekend!

Fabien chose to use the followin Tekin Products:

Tekin RS Pro
Tekin Gen2 Motor
Tekin Hotwire

Video of A3

Tekin powers Eric Salvas to US Open Wheel Championship!

Bumps and Jumps Rc in Etters, Pa was host to the 22nd annual U.S. Open Wheel Dirt Oval Championship. held Dec 14th-16th. Tekin team driver Eric Salvas had a great weekend!

A point system qualifier was used for setting the main (tq for each round gave 1 pt...2nd 2 pts...) single best round used to set main...DASH set the starting positions (top 6 draw and race for 2 minutes Dash...100$ to win and start first in Amain!

Eric qualified 2nd in 13.5 the EDM class. Drawing 3rd in the DASH taking the win and a cool $100. Eric wouldn't stop there, cruising to victory over 41 other racers in the Amain taking home $200.

In 13.5 LM Eric would take overall Tq honors. Eric drew 5th in the DASH taking 4th not giving him the best starting position for the main. Eric had a great car but would settle for 3rd overall.

In Mod Spring Eric would draw 3rd in the DASH and take a 2nd giving him a good starting position for the A. While fighting for the lead Eric would crash and have to come back hard to finish 3rd overall.

Eric used the following Tekin Products:

Tekin RS Pro
Tekin Hotwire
Tekin Gen2

In Open Comp where the only rule is the car must fit in the tech box Eric and brother Steve chose a Tekin Rx8 and Gen 2 3.5 powred 4wd CustomWorks Dominator. With $300 for grabs competition was fierce. The two would keep their cool and with a bit of luck after some hard crashing in the field the two would take the overall win and $300 cash!

 "We chose a STRONG 3.5 GEN2 motors AND indestructible RX8!!!" Eric Salvas.

Video of the event!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tekin on the podium at the 2013 Colonel Classic!

This past weekend the Colonel Classic was hosted in Savannah Georgia at Phil Hurdy Raceway. With a record 209 entries the race was sure to run late into the evening but that wouldn't stop anyone from having a great time!

Tekin driver Larry Ward would take a hard fought 2nd place in the 4wd SC class using his Tekin Rx8 and Pro 4 4600 powered TLR SCT-e. Larry qualified 2nd only .01 off of Tq. Larry would go onto lead 9 1/2 minutes of teh 10 minute heat but a bobble towards the end would allow Tim Smith to slip by. Tekin teammate Bo McCain finished a close 3rd also using a Rx8 and Pro 4.

 "The power of my Tekin Rx8 and Tekin Pro 4 motor are incredible!" Larry Ward

Tekin driver Mark Moon Tq the 2wd SC class with the only 11 lap run of the day, putting down a 33.997 second hot lap. Mark would have to settle for 2nd making a poor tire choice for the main. 2wd Champ John Bernard was also using a Tekin RS esc.!

Mark also ran 2wd buggy taking the lead position after the 2 minute mark and would relinquish the lead on the last lap taking another 2nd place for the weekend.

Mark chose to use the following Tekin products:

Tekin RS Esc
Tekin Gen 2 Motor

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tekin powered Cory Fasnacht takes big win at the CRC Race!

The CRC race in Ny was held this past weekend and had 238 total entries and every class was big.

Tekin team drivers Cory Fasnacht and Mike Obrien were in attendance. Cory raced both 1/10 13.5 cot class and 1/12 13.5 class.

Cory would set tq in the first round of 13.5 COT. He would bump it up by a lap in the 2nd round and held onto it through all 4 rounds and bring home the win in the A-main.

In the 1/12 13.5 class Cory would set Tq in the first round, and 2nd round. Starting 3rd in the a-main Cory would finish 3rd after a collision in lapped traffic. Tekin teammate Mike O. would take 2nd.

Cory used the following Tekin products:

TT1153 RS Pro
TT1450 Hotwire USB

Tekin Tq's and wins the 2013 CRCRC Midwest Champs!

The 2013 CRCRC Electric Midwest Championships at the Ohio RC Factory in Jeffersonville, OH were held January 9th-13th. There were 350+ 1/10 scale buggies, stadium trucks, SCT and 1/8 scale electric buggies in attendance for the 5 day event. Wednesday and Thursday were practice days, with a seeding round ran at the end of Thursday to set up qualifiers. Qualifying consisted of 4 rounds of qualifiers using qual points. Two rounds on Friday and two on Saturday, and then some of the lower mains were ran Saturday evening. The rest of the mains were ran on Sunday.

In 2w Stock Buggy Tekin Team driver Jubal Dike put his Gen 2 17.5 RS powered B4.1wc on pace early on. Jubal would exchange Tq rounds with John Mcintosh who also Tq'd a pair of rounds.  Little did they know this was setting up to be an epic battle down to the very end between these two! Triple A mains were set, John starting first on the grid and Jubal in second. At the tone for A1, John traction rolled the first corner letting Jubal get away never looking back taking an uncontested victory. A2 started pretty similar as John would bobble early on the first lap giving the lead once again to Jubal who would stretch out to a several second lead. With about a minute to go Jubal bobbled over the very large double double front section. This ultimately allowed John to catch and pass him for the lead with 2 laps to go. Jubal was able to catch back up and make an aggressive but clean pass on John at the end of the back stretch but the front section would bite Jubal again, giving the lead back to John giving him the win for A2.  At the tone of A3 the two took off clean and in the second corner Jubal would make a costly mistake stuffing himself into the tube allowing the entire field to get by. Jubal was able to make several strong runs towards the front but just couldn't stay "clean" enough to quite make it there and ended up 4th. John would take the win giving him the overall, Jubal in 2nd and Chris Emilio in 3rd. John and Jubal had an epic battle of will and abilities for 3 full days and they both congratulated each other on each of our victories. Good, clean, hard racing but with respect and fun at the same time.

Jubal used the following Tekin equipment:

TT1152 Tekin RS Esc
TT2405 17.5 Redline Gen2
TT1450 Hotwire USB Device

Fellow Tekin teammate Matt Olson was also in attendance. Matt ended up TQ'ing and winning A2 and A3 in the Pro4 SC class. Matt's Tekin powered MIP Pro4mance 4x4 SC was was untouchably fast all weekend long. Matt was not alone in the 4wd class. Each and every truck in the A-main at the CRCRC Midwest champs was using a Tekin Rx8 and Pro 4 motor! Tekin, class leading horsepower!

"With the bottom end punch that the Tekin Pro 4 4600 possesses I pulled wheelies off the line and pulled everyone out of corners. Thank you Tekin for all the support and great products." Matt Olson

Matt used the following Tekin equipment:

TT2300 Rx8 Esc
TT2500 Pro 4 4600kv Motor
TT1450 Hotwire USB Device

Recent Team addition to the team Joe Bornhorst made a big splash at the event in the 2wd Pro 2 SC division taking 2nd place to Ryan Cavalieri. While Joe is somewhat new to 1/10 racing he's sure only get better. Watch out for this kid!

Joe used the following Tekin equipment:

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Furtado brings home the hardware at the Maine State Champs!

Last weekend factory driver Scott Furtado attended the Maine State Championships.  Racers from all over New England made the trip up to Maximus Raceway in York, ME.  There were a total of 14 heat races adding up to a  number of 120 entries.  The SC4x4 Open was the biggest class with 3 heat races and close to 30 entries. Qualifying went well as Scott grabbed the 3rd position on the grid and ended up 2nd in the Amain. Scott chose to power his Durango Desc410r with a Pro4 4600kv motor in line with an RX8 speed control.

"My Tekin products ran flawless all weekend and gave me the power and confidence I needed. " Scott

The 1/8 electric class was the second largest class of the weekend and I  ended up 3rd on the grid and 4th overall in the Amain. My Durango Dex408 was powered by a T8 1900kv in line with an RX8 speed control.