Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dennis Allison takes the Piedmont Triad Series title!

The 6 race series hosted by Carolina RC and held at various race tracks in the region for each event proved to make for a very tight race series. When the points were totaled Tekin pilot Dennis Allison would take the 2wd Open Pro 2 SCT class and the Open 4wd Pro 4 SC class titles! Congratulations Dennis! 

Dennis used the RS Pro and Tekin Redline 8.5 motor to power his Pro 2 victory. In his Pro 4 Dennis chose the Rx8 and Pro 4 4600.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The 2011 Utah State Champs hosted by IR-CR Raceway in Magna Utah saw fierce competition in nearly ever class. Raer's from as far asWyoming, Colorado, Idaho were in attendance.

Tekin team driver Tony Newland Tq'd nearly every round(all but one) of 13.5 2wd and 17.5 2wd and won both classes using a RS Pro and Redline 17.5 in both! 

Tekin Team driver Jason Smith Tq won Stock Short Course Pro 2, Aaron Eastman took 2nd in Pro 4 followed by Jason Smith in 3rd. Both Aaron and Jason used Rx8 and Pro 4 motors to take these top positions.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tekin powers Top 3 at the 2011 Turkey Shootout at Hemet Competition Raceway!

The 2011 Turkey Shootout at Hemet Competition Raceway on November 19, 2011 had over 100 entries and 12 heats of RC racing action.

In Pro 4 SC the top 3 drivers would be using Tekin powered Losi SCTe trucks!

1st place and Tq Adam Drake Losi SCTE Tekin Rx8/Pro 4 4600
2nd Ronda Drake Losi SCTE Tekin Rx8 Pro 4 4600
3rd Brian Sullivan Losi/BCE SCTE Tekin Rx8 Pro 4 4600.

The 2011 Turkey Shootout was sponsored by Losi and AKA. Hemet Competition Raceway hosted the annual event on November 19th. The event had 12 heats. Adam Drake set the pace in 4wd modified SC class. In the 4wd SC class Adam took the win followed by his wife Ronda Drake and third went to Brian Sullivan. All three drivers were running Tekin powered LOSI SCTE. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

David Joor is your RC Pro Series 1/8 E Buggy National Champion! Again!

Mike's Hobbyshop in Houston Texas hosted the 2011 RC Pro Finals with great success. The track and pavilion were extended a few months ago in order to host this event and it definitely paid off.

I would be defending my electric title this year. However, you know how once in a while you just have those races where nothing connects, you break in back to back qualifiers before the buzzer goes, the track feels so good that you just can't help driving like a maniac, and your leading by a large margin with a few laps to go and the car just stops? Yup, that was me at this race. So no matter how hard you try things can still go wrong to the best of us.

I put in a few good runs in electric to get myself into the 3rd qualifying position behind Lutz and Dellinger so I was feeling good about a shot there. Lutz had amazing pace and I could match his average laptimes but he would have 3 or 4 laps that were around a half second faster than his average. So for the mains the RC8.2e was amazing and I had chosen AKA SS Impacts that were almost worn completely down because I had adjusted my setup to remove as much traction as possible. My goal was to get up to Ryan right out the gate and put in my best laps hoping if I could stay in his sights he may make a bobble before he could get into his time warp zone. A1 I had a great start but came up an inch short on the triple right in front of a marshal but another car had wrecked on an earlier jump that had been forgotten so he was trying to yell at another marshal to get him while every car went by. Now in 12th and 13 seconds down from the leader I made it back up to third by 5 minutes in and I was pleased with this because Dellinger was the only one I was in contention for the title with and I had enough lead in points to finish 2 positions overall below him to win. As I get lapped by Lutz, yeah I know! He begins to have some form of issue with his car so I got my embarrassing lap back and start charging to find that Dellinger had lost a rear turnbuckle so with 2 laps to go I take the lead and boy did I need those points and I was glad to take them! In A2 I had a good start and got into second on the first lap but my game plan failed again because Lutz immediately dipped into the 27 second laps but this time our fastest lap were just 3 tenths apart so I was feeling confident I could put pressure on in A3 and finishing 2nd in A2 I had already won the title s o it was all or nothing. A3 I get a great start, move into second on the first lap and hold onto Lutz for the first 3 laps before I wrecked again on the triple losing 10 seconds. From that point I just wanted a 27 second lap and every time I got close I would have to pass someone so I settled with 28.0 again!

Winning the Electric National Title again!!!!

Thank you to all my sponsors: Team Associated, Reedy, AKA, KO Propo, Tekin, Avid, Upgrade, FTW, BCE, EB Mods, Paint by Smiley

Words by David Joor