Monday, November 26, 2012

Tekin power Matt Olson recaps the Electric Buffet Race!

"I had a fantastic weekend racing at The Vegas RC raceway with my Tekin/MIP equipped SCTE and AE SC10. After a long awaited bump to the modified class in Pro2 I threw in the new Tekin Gen2 7.5 motor into my AE SC10 and it felt great! It supplied smooth all around power but wasn't punchy nor did it get hot. I ended up 2nd just behind Mike Truhe and not a bad debut for just throwing in a motor and going for it. In the Pro4 class it was pure dominance with the Tekin/MIP Pro4mance packed 4x4. I took all 3 rounds of qualifying with the fastest times all weekend long and the eventual win on mains day. Of course the Tekin RX8 and Tekin 4600KV motor were more than enough power for the small track and actually wish I was using the Tekin 3300 because the 4600 was a monster! Thank you Tekin for the continued support and reliable products."  Matt Olson

Steve Salvas is the 2012 Sprint Car National Champ!

Last weekend was the 2012 Sprint Car Nationals at Bumps and Jumps R/C Speedway in Etters, PA.

Factory Tekin driver Steve Salvas would enter the heaviest class Mod Sprint with well over 60+ entries. Right from the word "go" Steve's car was  stout and he knew right then, that a great race day was ahead for the Mod Sprint class.  A few more practice runs on Friday night to fine tune the suspension and Steve was ready for Saturday's event.  "I didn't play with my motor setup at all as it was perfect.  My Redline Gen2 4.5 and RS Pro were performing flawlessly, power was stellar, and I was coming back to the pits with motor and esc temps I hadn't seen that low before." Steve

Race day in the Mod Sprint class would consist of:  (3) 4-minute qualifying heats.  Qualifying based on a point system, best 2 out of 3 rounds to set the mains.  (1) 2-minute Dash race to set the A-Main starting positions.

Qualifying went great for Steve. The car was performing as expected, both car handling and power was class of the field.  Steve would  make it to the Dash race which he won relatively easily.  His win in the Dash allowed Steve to start first in the A-Main and once it all over, Steve would take home the big hardware in dominating fashion.

"A convincing win over a stout field of racers for my Redline Gen2 4.5 powered Sprint Car. Thank you Tekin for these products that allow us to run up front!" Steve Salvas

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Doug Tudor takes the NC SCT Series Title!

The final round of the NC SCT Challenge series (7 race series, 4 different tracks, 2 throw outs) wrapped up  this past weekend at WCRC in Wilkesboro, NC. Tekin Driver Doug Tudor would go into the finals tied for 1st. 3 qualifiers and double 10 minute A mains were the schedule for the final round. Doug would qualify 3rd overall. A1 Doug would get out clean with the first 4 trucks and within 2 laps was battling for the lead. The leaders would swap back and forth for the better part of the race until Doug would finally take the lead for good in the final minutes taking the win in A1. A2 Doug got out clean in first place and never looked back winning A2 taking the series finals race. This gave Doug the 2012 NC SCT Challenge Series 4wd SCT Champ. Doug used the Tekin Rx8 and Pro 4 4600kv motor to win the series.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Lawson takes Nitro Club Points Series title!

The Oklahoma Nitro Club 2012 season point’s series has wrapped up at Taylor Park R.C. in Yukon, Oklahoma. The Points series consisted of an 8 race series best of 5 finishes.  With one race each month from  March until October the series saw about every kind of weather imaginable from extreme heat, cold, rain, high winds, and just about everything Mother Nature can think of.

Tekin factory driver Heath Lawson had remained in the 3rd spot for most of the series but a top qualifying position and a win in the 8th and final point’s race of the season lifted him in to the #1 position and earning him the 1/8th scale electric 2012 season championship!

"The 1/8th scale electric class was arguably the most competitive class of the year. There were a total of 30 drivers contending for the point’s championship which made for some close points battles. I could not have made it through the long season without the flawless performance of my Tekin RX8 speed control and T8 1900 KV motor. I had no problems at all throughout the entire season; I was able to finish EVERY main event of the 2012 season with 0 mechanical failures. I would like to thank Randy Pike and Team Tekin for all their help and support this year. I could not have done it without them." Heath Lawson

Lucas Sanford wins Inaugural TrackStar Championship!

The 1st annual TrackStar Championship Grand Prix that took place at SDRC this past weekend. Team Tekin pilot Lucas Sanford would attend with excellent results. Lucas would go on to win 1/8 scale eBuggy and 1/10 Mod 4WD buggy, while taking 3rd place in 1/10 2WD buggy.

Lucas used the Tekin RX8 esc paired with a Tekin 2050 T8 Redline in his Kyosho MP9 TKI3 1/8 scale eBuggy. Lucas chose the Tekin RS Pro for both 4wd and 2wd buggy paired with Gen 2 Redline motors.

 "Thank you for all the support!"  Lucas Sanford

Thursday, November 8, 2012

David Joor Three-Peats The RC Pro National Electric Title

David Joor Three-Peats The RC Pro National Electric Title | 2012, 2011, & 2010 

This year the RC Pro National Finals started on Halloween in Houston at Mike's Hobbyshop. The series consists of 4 events in the southern division and with RCP being born and raised in the south it is by far the largest division to compete in. Electric being the largest in the group with a turn out of usually 40+ at each divisional race. I won the finals in 2009 (but not the National because I started too late in the year for max points), 2010 National, and 2011 National, I really wanted to go for the three-peat. However I knew this year would be tough with so many people getting into electric and getting faster. It also turns out that the Mike's Hobbyshop track has always been my nemesis and this year would be different but not.. 

Going into the Finals I had prepared by testing several times during the year on a good base setup. The only day of practice went well and Lutz and I were swapping fast laps back and forth throughout the day. For the final practice run he went before me and ran a 29.1 and I ran a 29.0 right after. Ryan is always 0.75 - 1 a second per lap faster than me so this was a good feeling going into qualifying (In A2 I did a 28.2 but Lutz did a 27.8 in A3, still better than 1 second!). Electric was the largest class and there was no resorting until round 4 which was going to make it tough. This event my car was ready and I was confident but slower cars would be the demise of my progress. In electric I only had two wrecks that weren't in some way caused by passing another car. Lutz found his pace and was able to do consistently faster laps than me but had electrical problems in almost every qualifier. I ended up barely squeezing in overall TQ over Jake Dellinger (Fellow AE / Avid / FTW driver) by TQ'ing 2 rounds and both with 15 lap runs. This was good because I needed the 2 points for TQ because Jake had gone into the finals with only 3 points less than me. 

When mains came around, the first main was semi clean with a corner marshall knocking over Jake's car in an attempt to flip me back over. Feeling as though it was somewhat my fault for the corner incident I waited until he and Brian had gotten near me before we started racing again. Brian would have a bobble early on shortly followed by Jake which gave me a good 5 seconds of breathing room. However Lutz had an amazing start by getting into 4th in the first couple of laps and was on a mission to hunt down the leader given his bad luck in qualifying. At 8 minutes in Lutz had caught and passed me and I made a diligent charge to reel him back in which I did but going over the triple I tapped his car in the air which caused my car to spin out on the landing and with only 2 laps left and lap traffic we finished 1.5 seconds apart. In A2 I had a very solid start and had a nice 5 second gap once again on Dellinger by 5 minutes in but twice I had to single single over the important off-camber double due to 3 lap cars battling for position which would cost me 4 seconds. Jake was no only 3 feet behind me while I had a lap car just 1 foot in front of mine and for a full lap the lap car wasn't battling anyone for position, the race announcer asking him to move over for us 3 times, and everyone in pit lane and around the track informing him to pull over but he never did until 33 seconds later after he got out of control and I had no where to go but into his car. This allowed Jake and Lutz to get by and I couldn't find my way back after that finishing 3rd. For A3 I calculated that I need to lead 7 laps so that no one could take most laps led from me. This would give me 2 more additional points to win the National title in case I didn't beat Dellinger in this main. So I did just that, lead the first 7 laps and on la p 8 my speedo wire finally frayed apart from the pounding it took on the hard triple landing and I had to DNF. However I finished with 1 point more than Dellinger to take the National title once again! 

Thank you to my sponsors, Team Associated, Reedy, KO Propo, Tekin, Upgrade, VP, FTW, Dialed, Paint by Smiley, and Avid. David Joor

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Matt Olson is the Jconcepts Indoor Nats SC Champ!

Matt Olson attended the last round of the Jconceps Indoor Nationals series taking down big wins and wrapping up the overall series titles!

"I had a great weekend at New Reds Hobbies in Ocala Florida last weekend at the JConcepts Nationals Series Finale. I ended up taking the TQ and win in both classes as well as the series win overall for the JC Nats Series. My Tekin powered MIP Pro4mance Pro4 and Tekin powered MIP/AE Pro2 Stock, trucks were lighting quick all weekend long and really shined in both corners and on the straight away. With the power of the Tekin RX8 Pro 4 4600Kv at the heart of my MIP truck I was able to put the power to the ground and pulled people out of the corners and was yarding opponents down the straight. In Pro2 Stock bottom to mid range power was crucial and the new Gen 2 17.5 motor and Tekin RS Pro was more than perfect for the job. In both classes I held the fastest lap and overall times in each class. Thank you Tekin for all the support and great products." Matt Olson

Eustace Moore and Brandon Upshaw also chose Tekin power for the Jconceps Indoor Series.