Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tekin wins big at the 2013 Cabin Fever!

The Cabin Fever in Lewiston, ID never fails to provide a challenging indoor supercross experience for all racers who attend. With close to 300 entries, the Fever is one of the largest RC events in Idaho and provides an awesome event during the dead months of RC for racers to break out the cars and get ready for spring!

E-buggy was the largest class at the Fever this year and definitely one of the most competitive over the weekend. Tekin Drivers Jeremy Potter, Ty Campbell, Nick Buechler, Jayson Tjepkema and Lee Hackney were in attendance and representing with great performances. Potter layed down great runs in qualifying with his Tekin Rx8/T8 powered HB D812 Tekno and earned the TQ and first starting place on the grid. Mains were 12 cars deep and full of battles. Potter wrapped up the win after A2 and sat back to watch the battle ensue for the A3. Nick Buechler took the A3 win and claimed 2nd overall with his Tekin powered Associated RC8.2e with Ty Campbell right behind in the points for a 3rd place finish with his Tekin powered TLR 8-E 2.0, Jayson Tjepkema in 6th, and Lee Hackney in 9th.

Pro4 Short Course was another big class filled with battles and after a three way battle for TQ between three drivers, Ty Campbell came out with the TQ spot with his Tekin RX8 / Pro4HD MIP Pro4mance TLR SCTE, and Jayson Tjepkema in the 3rd, also running an Rx8/ Pro4 powered MIP TLR SCTE. A1 started off a little rough and Ty had to fight back for a 3rd place finish and Jayson in the 2. A2 consisted of a very close battle between Ty and A1 winner Tim Hethcox. On the very last lap a small but costly bobble by Ty let Tim get a little breathing room and it was over after A2. Ty went on to win A3 and secure the 2nd spot on the podium with Jayson taking 3rd.

Mod Truck seems to be making a comeback in the northwest and there was a pretty good turnout at the Fever. Tekin/TLR Driver Shane Preugschat came out with a win for the weekend with his Tekin powered TLR 22T. 

Tekin/XRay Driver Taylor Petersen debuted in 4WD Mod Buggy this weekend with the new Xray XB4 buggy. 4Mod was a challenge at the Fever but TP wheeled great all weekend and ended up 2nd overall. Taylor also TQ'd and won Pro Nitro Buggy.

It was a great weekend for Tekin at the 2013 Cabin Fever and a great weekend of racing!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Conley wins the Abe Lincoln Presidential Race!

The race was at RJD hobbies and raceway in Lincoln,IL. RJD is ran by Darrell and Bee Paige and they provide a great facility with an indoor and outdoor off-road track, and a stacked hobby shop. The Paiges whole family work very hard to make this track a great place. This was there Abe Lincoln Presidential race, with practice on Friday Feb 22nd, and the entire race being ran on Saturday Feb 23rd. With about 100 entries for the event.

Lee Conley was able to TQ every round and win the A main of 4wd SC which was the largest class with 40 entries, with his Tekin RX8/Pro4 powered Durango DeSC410.

In the 4wd mod buggy class, Lee held TQ till the last round when Mike Paige ripped off a new Tq. Lee would start in the 2nd position for the main with Xray's Mike Kochanaski starting right behind me. In the 2nd corner Paige made a bobble which let me sneak by. Kochanski and Paige would battle the entire race for 2nd allowing me to hold my lead and take the win with my RsPro/Redline Gen 2 6.5 powered Durango DEX410.

In the 2wd mod buggy class Lee was the 2nd qualifier , after making a bad tire choice he was able to hold on for a 3rd place finish in a very stacked a-main. "Tekins great performing products and unmatched dependability is just one less thing i have to worry about at the races. This race day was full of close , clean racing in each class. I'd like to thank RJD for putting a great show and look forward to there upcoming big races. " Lee Conley

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Brian Sullivan takes Rd5 of the TNS Series at IERC!

With over 250 enters the Top Notch Series is well on it's way to being a series not to miss. Tekin team driver Brian Sullivan would take the win at Rd5 of the TNS held at IERC Raceway. Brian used a Tekin Rx8 and T8 1900 motor in his Megen Mbx6eco buggy. He also managed a 4th using a prototype Mugen 4wd SC truck powered by  Rx8 and Pro 4 4600 motor. Also pictured are fellow Tekin drivers Nick and Chris Blais completing a Tekin podium!

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SMCC Winter Series Round 4 – Timberlake Champion – Lee levels it up.

Team Tekin drivers Kevin Lee and Paul Timberlake was entering the penultimate round of the Stotfold Winter Series, knowing that good results would in the case of Paul Timberlake ensure a series victory, and for Kevin Lee a win would draw him level on points with John Spencer with all to play for in the final round.

SMCC’s track has seen plenty of work over the last few months, so not only was the new features going to be a test also as always the quality of the field. With National Winners, European A finalists etc.

Drivers were greeted with a cold and frosty track in the morning which would dry out through the day, enough for a dry tire!!


In 4wd Team Tekin driver Paul Timberlake, using an RS Pro and Gen2 6.5 motor, would battle it out with National A finalist and National Winner Simon Moss for top spot. Unfortunately, after 4 close battles with Simon and Tristram Neil, he was pipped to the post but after such close racing all day we was in store for an excellent final.

In 2wd Team Tekin Driver Kevin Lee using a RS Pro and Gen2 7.5 motor would also be in a three way battle for Top qualifier, with John Spencer and David Poulter. Again, Kevin was just pipped to the post by David.


4wd A Main – Paul new that a clean start was vital, as an early mistake from Simon Moss would prove costly as Paul took the lead. Simon would stop with car troubles at the half way point, and this would leave the overall battle for the victory down to Paul and Tristram. Mistakes from both drivers, would give both the opportunity to lead, but in the end Paul got a little sideways in the infield giving Tristram the opportunity to overtake, which he did. A last gasp move over the two jumps on the right hand side of the track wasn’t enough for Paul to get past Tristram.

With an excellent 2nd place today Paul Timberlake takes the 4wd Winter Series Championship.

2wd A Main – This would be another thriller…. Kevin Lee started off like he meant business, quickly passing TQ man Poulter. But not letting his title chances slip away that easily John Spencer had made two places on the first two corners running 3rd. On lap 2 Poulter made an error which allowed Spencer through to 2nd, he must have thought his luck was in as on lap 3 it was Kev Lee who rolled giving the lead to Spencer. The next 10 laps would see some of the closest racing ever, not more than a fag paper between Poulter, Spencer and Kev. Spencer was holding a tight line and Kev was looking to make up move inside and OUT!! On lap 11 Kev managed to get round the outside forcing Spencer to take a different line over the table top, this gave Kev and Poulter the chance to go by. Into the last lap and it was Team Tekin driver Kevin Lee followed by Poulter then John Spencer, Kev crossed the line ahead of John who managed to pull a good move on Poulter on the very last lap.
So with these results both Kev and John are level on 299 points... it will go to the last round or both drivers will tie on points. If neither driver attends the last round the overall series win will go to Kevin Lee, as he recorded the highest points score in the first round.

4WD A Final

1 2 Tristram Neal 12/ 5m 9.45
2 3 Paul Timberlake 12/ 5m 10.11 – Team Tekin
3 5 Simon Overall 12/ 5m 24.60 - Tekin
4 9 John Myall 12/ 5m 25.47
5 6 David Evans 11/ 5m 1.53
6 4 Joseph Cockill 11/ 5m 12.37
7 10 James Blease 11/ 5m 18.10 - Tekin
8 8 James Wright 11/ 5m 25.87
9 1 Simon Moss 7/ 3m 9.00
10 7 James White

2WD A Final

1 2 Kevin Lee 12/ 5m 18.04 - Team Tekin
2 5 John Spencer 12/ 5m 19.82
3 1 David Poulter 12/ 5m 20.12
4 4 Nigel Buck 12/ 5m 24.94
5 3 Kit Jones 11/ 5m 2.38
6 6 David Orbell 11/ 5m 4.52
7 8 Colin Buck 11/ 5m 6.27 - Tekin
8 7 Ian Buck 11/ 5m 10.63 - Tekin
9 10 Simon Watson 11/ 5m 13.68
10 9 Jonathan Brown 11/ 5m 17.55

Monday, February 25, 2013

Tekin powered podium at the 2013 Dirt Nitro Challenge

The 2013 Dirt Nitro Challenge concluded this pat weekend. Racers from all over the world would converge to this unique event that plays host to not only 1/8 Nitro racing but 1/10 Short Course, 1/5 Scale, and even a 1/10 Gas Truck revival class!

Tekin would dominate the qualifying of the 4wd SC division with drivers Ryan Lutz and Austin Blair both taking rounds of their own. In the final the racing would be tight and fierce and come down to who made the least amount of mistakes. In the end Tekin's own Austin Blair would take the overall win with his Tekin Rx8/Pro 4 powered Tekno truck. Right behind him was Tekin powered Ryan Lutz with his Tekin Rx8/Pro 4 Team Durango truck. 3rd place would be held by Tyler Vik with his Tekin Rx8/Pro 4 powered Tekno truck. All 3 drivers chose the Rx8 and Pro 4 4600 motor to take a podium position.
photo courtesy of RedRc
 Tekin team drivers would also fill the Amain having over half of the Amain running Tekin. Tq Austin Blair would run a good race but bobble hard around the 6 minute mark allowing teammate Ryan Lutz to get by followed closely by TLR's Billy Fisher.  Lutz would then bobble allowing Fisher to get by and run away with the race. Tekin would still have 3 of the top 5 drivers in the end!
photo courtesy of NeoBuggy

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tekin wins at 2013 Motorama!

The 2013 Motorama event wrapped up this past weekend. Held out in Harrisburg, PA drivers from all over the US converged to the event to battle it out for victory. One of the biggest races of the year in the east with well over 700+ entries! 2 tracks, huge epic battles, tons of fun.

"I had a perfect weekend out at my first ever Motorama event where I was able to TQ and win 4x4 SC and qualify second and finish second in pro2 sc. In Pro4 my Tekin/MIP Pro4mance SCTE was unbelievably fast and pulled the fastest lap times all weekend long as well as one of two trucks that had the shear power to make the biggest jump on the track childs play, while others struggled. I was using Tekin's RX8 and Pro 4 4600KV 4 pole motor to push around my 4x4 on the grueling 1/8 scale track and the whole time the motor ran at a cool 175 degrees all weekend long geared at 39 (spur) , 15 Pinion.  I'd take 2nd place in Pro 2 Mod SC for the weekend. Thank you Tekin for all the support and great products!" Matt Olson

In Pro 2 Mod SC division Tekin teammates Matt "MIP" Olson and Toddie Anderson would take the majority of the podium spots finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively! Both drivers used a Tekin RS Pro and Redline Gen 2 motor. Matt had this to say "In the Pro2 Class my truck ran great and on Motoramas small loose 1/10 scale track, less power was more! I opted to go with the 9.5 Gen 2 motor and Tekin RS Pro which was comfortable to hand and easily able to keep up with the 7.5 bottom end rip that other trucks were using." 
In the 1/8 E Buggy division Tekin team drivers were once again gunning for the podium. Barry Pettit would take 2nd place overall only a few seconds back after the 10 minute battle. Tekin powered John Michael McGinty would battle hard with Anthony Mazzara and would have to settle for 4th place. Both drivers racing Tekin Rx8 and T8 equipped Mugen Mbx6 Eco's. John Michael McGinty would also take a 4th place in E Truggy after only having one race prior on the truck. Fellow Tekin teammate Mark Unrath would also take a spot in the Amain along with Barry Pettit as well. Great work guys!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Matt Olson Takes Rd1 of the Jconcepts Winter Nationals Series

Matt Olson was able to take overall Tq and win in the 4wd SC division of Rd1 of the JConcepts Indoor National Series. Hosted at SmacTrac - St Louis, MO. The first stop of the 5 even series had over 300+ entries for the weekend! Matt is the defending 4wd SC and Stock SC Series Champ and having taken round 1 of the series already, he's shaping up to repeat his performance!

Left to Right: Nate Jaskot, Matt Olson, Alec Walters

Matt chose the Tekin Rx8 and Pro 4 4600 motor for his MIP/TLR 4wd SC.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tekin takes RC Pro Series Rd1 in Porter Texas

RC Pro Texas State Series Round 1 was hosted by Gulf Coast Raceway,  in Porter, Texas.

The State Series has always been one of the biggest series going in Texas.  This series consist of 3 Quals and Mains all ran in 1 day.  With over 200 entries, It was going to be a long day.

Brian Henn recaps: "Friday my E-Buggy and Sc felt great, only making minor setup changes due to the slick surface.  During Qualifying, they were both dialed. I set Tq in 4wd Sc in rounds 1 and 2.  E-Buggy was a constant battle between David Joor and Jake Dellinger and  myself.  David Joor would go on and take TQ honors with Dellinger 2nd and myself 3rd.  The mains started around 8pm, But the A's were not up till much later.

I was able to take the 4wd SC class winning both A1 and A2.  The E-Buggy mains were very close.  The 3 of us were all within a few seconds of each other.  1 or 2 small bobbles kept me from contention.  That was how all 3 mains were, With us 3 finishing over a lap ahead of 4th.  When it was all said and done at 1:30am, Dellinger took the win with David Joor 2nd and myself 3rd."

Both Brian Henn and David Joor were using Tekin power. Both drivers chose the following Tekin products:

Monday, February 4, 2013

Tekin powers McGinty's to podium spots!

The RC Pit for the New Years Make up race in Lugoff, SC.  There were 169 entries for this event.

In Electric 1/8 Buggy  had Tekin powered John Michael and father John qualifying 3rd and 5th going into the Amain.  Both started out pretty rough with our first couple laps being long.  John Michael worked his way back up to 3rd followed by his father John in 7th when the leaders had equipment problems.  That put John Michael  in the lead. The race would wrap up with John Michael taking the win with about 25 seconds on 2nd place where father John would end up finishing 3rd.

Both John and John Michael chose the following Tekin products:

Tekin Rx8 Esc
Tekin T8 1900 motor
Tekin Hotwire USB