Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tekin powers the wins at the 2012 Modesto Mowtown Showdown!

This past weekend was the Motown Showdown held at Modesto RC Raceway. With racers from all over the region converging to the race the competition was fierce and plenty.

2wd Mod Buggy was by far one of the most competitive of the weekend. Tekin powered Derek Stephansen was on a mission at his home track. Derek would Tq 2wd Mod buggy, 4wd Mod Buggy, and Pro2 SC Truck!

Tekin would also power B-Miller Racing's Josh O'Connell to an overall Tq in Pro 4 SC, Ron Bickle to his overall Tq in Stock 2wd Buggy, and Eddie Bernal to his overall Tq in Mod Stadium Truck!

The mains would be full of good close competitive racing. Up first would be 2wd Pro 2 SC Truck. Tekin team driver Derek Stephansen would start from the pole and rocket off to a rough start of A1. Derek would fall to 5th and have to make a major push to get back to the front. B-Miller's Terry Wickum was the only other driver matching Derek's fast lap of 20.2 in the main. Derek would be rewarded for his hard charging to take the lead on the last lap of A1!  A2 again was a fight for the top spots with Derek being pressured hard by both Terry Wickum and Marcus Plumlee. Derek would sustain his 1st place position and take the win in A2 giving him the overall victory! Derek used a Tekin RS Pro and 8.5 Redline motor.

2wd Mod Buggy would kick off with Tekin team driver Derek Stephansen starting from the pole. Derek would get out to an early lead over Tekin powered Nathan Bernal. The two youngsters would dice it up getting through traffic with Derek getting the worse of it allowing Nathan to get past Derek to take A1 by just over a second! A2 would again come down to who made the least amount of mistakes, the racing was this close. Derek would bobble over the "make or break" quad allowing Nathan to get out front with his father Eddie Bernal in tow. The two would get out front and run clean laps. Derek would put on a charge late in the main only to drop out when his motor backed off causing him to DNF. Nathan would cruise to his A2 victory uncontested with his dad close behind. Nathan would sit out A3 and let Derek and Eddie fight over 2nd place. Derek would take A3 over Eddie and take 2nd place overall. All 3 podium drivers were powered by Tekin esc's and motors. Keep an eye on young Nathan Bernal, this kid is an up and comer and will be a force to reckon with. Nathan was using a Tekin RS and Redline 10.5 motor.

B-Miller's Josh O'Connell would take off from his Tq position and go onto dominate this class taking A1 and A2 with his Tekin Rx8 Pro 4 powered Losi Ten SCTe. Rounding out the podium would be Marcus Plumlee and Tekin powered Lou Figueria also running a Rx8 and Pro 4 motor.
B-Miller's Eddie Bernal would Tq and dominate the 2wd Stadium Truck class with his Tekin/Protek powered T4.1 Factory Team truck. Eddie would take A1 and A2 with clean fast laps. Local hero Cody Hughly would take 2nd overall with Tekin powered Greg Stephansen rounding out the podium. Eddie used a Tekin RS Pro and Redline 6.5 motor. Great racing!

Ron Bickle would take the overall Tq and win with his Tekin powered TLR 22 buggy. Ron used a Tekin RS and Redline 17.5 Motor.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Chris Petersen takes Rd1 in "The Series"

The opening race for “The Series” (replacement of the Midwest Offroad Racing League). After qualifying Chris was sitting second in 4wd SCT 8 seconds behind TLR’s Dakotah Phend using a one off 8th scale buggy conversion I just completed 3 weeks ago. Chris managed to take the TQ in 8th scale.  Chris was super consistent finishing just like he qualified taking Tq and 1st in E-buggy and 2nd in 4wd SC. Chris was running the Tekin Rx8 and T8 1900 in his E-buggy, and the Rx8 Pro 4 4600 system in his 4wd SC.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tekin powered Adam Drake Dominates RD 2 of the JBRL Nitro Series!

The 2012 JBRL Series is in full swing and the second stop on the series took place last weekend at Revelation Raceway with over 200+ entries.  Many of the world’s best were on hand including the current World Champion Cody King, Ryan Cavalieri, Adam Drake, Mike Truhe, Ryan Maifield, Travis Amezcua, Dylan Rodriguez, Richard Saxton, and Steve Hartson.  The layout started out smooth and high speed, but by the end of the weekend is was very technical and rough.  It was Adam Drake who dominated the event by winning three classes.

In the 1/8th electric class Drake had problems in both rounds of qualifying stripping two plastic spur gears and ended up in the B Main.  Drake won the B Main, but a large margin and started 13th on the grid in the A Main.  In the 10 minute A Main Drake worked his way through the pack, but the leader Hartson was gone until he made a few mistakes which allowed Drake to close, then take the lead and pull a way to more than a 10 second lead.  Drake’s TLR 8ight E 2.0 powered by Tekin electronics and Pro-Line M4 Holeshot 2.0’s was on rails in the final. Adam uses the Tekin Rx8 and 1900 T8 motor to power his TLR winning car.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tekin powerd Doug "Casper" Nielsen a RD3 win of the JBRL Electric Series!

Round #3 of the JBRL visited Rainman's Hobbies in Bakersfield, Ca.  Weather was in them mid 70's to low 80's making for a great day of racing.  The Bakersfield track was sealed with some type of glue to keep the dirt from breaking up making for a high traction blue groove type track. Rainman's Hobbies did a great job of maintianing the track throughout the day for consistant track conditionals all day. Tekin team driver Doug "Casper" Nielsen took his Tekin RX8 and Pro-4 Losi Ten-SCTE using Panther Soft Rattlers with Orange closed cell inserts to the winners circle in the very competative Pro-4 class.  Justin Lew was super consistant in qualifying took the pole also running Panther Soft Rattlers.  Casper started on the grid 3rd.  Casper and Justin Lew had a great battle during the 6 min "A" main event but a couple bobbles late in the race by Justin let Casper take the lead and the win.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tekin "Smashes" the competition at the Traction Raceway Showdown!

Traction Raceway Showdown was held at Traction Raceway in Reno, NV on the weekend of April 28-29 2012. 159 entries would provide from some fast and fierce competition in all classes.

Qualifying for the 2wd Expert Modified Stadium Truck had Tekin's own Jack "Smash" Ingberg exchanging Tq runs with Sactown here Eddie Bernal. The two would go back and forth resetting each others fastest runs. Jack "Smash" would end up the Overall Tq for the class with his Tekin RS Pro Redline powered T4.1. Eddie would end up right behind him 2nd.

In the 2wd Expert Mod Stadium Truck A-main Jack "Smash" would get blast out of his Tq position and lead from tone to tone. Jack would take Tq and the win! Jacks car was using a Tekin RS Pro, Redline 8.5 motor and was shod with Panther Clay Switch 2.0s.

4wd Expert Modified Buggy had some of the fastest drivers in the region. Drivers like AE's Eric Albano, Bryan Eady, and others were in this class all trying to grind out the top qualifying position. Jack would qualify 3rd overall for the A-main.

The main started off well for the top 3 as they began to break away a bit. The 3 were feeling each other out a little causing some small mistakes to change the race. Jack would drop down to 7th after casing a jump and would fight back catching up to 2nd place. The two would swap positions 3 times cleanly on the last lap and would drag race down the straight allowing Jack to take the 2nd spot by .1 seconds! Jack was using the Tekin RS Pro and Redline 6.5 motor in his B44.1.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mark Moon takes Rd4 of the Georgia State Champs!

Georgia Championship Series Round 4 was held at Dalton RC Speedway.  With over 160 entries at the GCS race the racing would fun fast and loaded with talent.

Mark Moon would start from the 4th spot after 3 rounds of qualifying. Mark would place his Tekin powered B4.1 in 1st place after the 10 minute triple A Mains were over besting his qualifying position.

In 17.5 2wd SCT would start from the 3rd spot and once again take the overall win after three 10 minute A mains with his Tekin powered SC10.

Mark shared "The track at Dalton RC had an awesome layout both friendly for 1/8 scale and 1/10 scale cars. The large jumps were a challenge for the 1/10 scale racers keeping us on our toes."

Mark used the Tekin RS/RS Pro and Tekin Redline motors to power his cars to victory.

Tekin powers the winners at the 24th Annual April Fools Classic!

The 24th Annual April Fools Classic was once again held in Magna, Utah. Racers from all over the neighboring states would come and attend. Over 180 entries prove that this is one race that simply cannot be missed!

Tekin team driver Jason Smith was a man on a mission. Jason would Tq and take a hard earned win in the 13.5 Stadium Truck class with his Tekin RS Pro's and Redline 13.5 powered T4.1. The class was super competitive with over 3 full heats of racers all trying to take a spot on the podium.

Aaron Eastman would start off in the 6th position after some very close qualifying in the 2wd 13.5 Buggy Class. From his mid pack position Aaron would battle up to the 2nd position where he would finish. Aaron's B4.1 was powered by a Tekin RS and Redline 13.5 motor.

Jason again was in the hunt for the win starting from his 2nd place position after qualifying. Again this class was deep with 30+ entries. The top 6 drivers would all finish on the same lap from start to finish. When the race was over Jason Smith would take the win with his Tekin RS Pro's and Redline 13.5 Powered B44.1. Fellow teammate Aaron Eastman would also make the A main and finish 6th.

In 4wd SC Jason would battle from the 3rd position and would battle with Adrian Redding(AE) changing positions at least 10 times. Jason would end up 2nd overall. Teammate Aaron Eastman would be right on Jason's tail crossing the line in 3rd only .2 of a second behind! Aaron had this to say "my Rx8 and pro4 4600 was by far the fastest truck out there with enough power to pull wheelies on command."

Jason was using the Tekin Rx8 and Pro 4 4000kv motor in his Team Durango Desc410r SC truck while Aaron was using a Tekin Rx8 and Pro 4 4600kv in his AE Sc10 4wd.