Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Barry Pettit wins the Amain-Dialed Offroad Champs!

"We attended the A-Main Hobbies/Dailed Inc. Offroad Championship race in Shreveport, Louisiana this past weekend. After the 13 hour trip we arrived to a flat, rain soaked area that was once a track and the chance of racing looked slim. But have no fear, the infamous Joey from THE DIRT was on hand and in command of some heavy equipment. By 10PM that night there was a race track and practice was beginning.

Qualifying began on Saturday and the toughest challenge quickly became the track. The sun dried the surface to a moon crater cracked look and what appeared to be an easy layout was truly a mind teaser.

In the Electric classes we had no issues and TQ'ed the e-truggy class and started 3rd in the e-buggy class, which was the largest 1/8 class at the event! Our cars were dialed for the mains and we pulled the win in both the e-truggy and e-buggy class. The Tekin powered Mugens were handling and absorbing the bumps like no other, and the JConcept tires laid down the power to the difficult surface." Barry Pettit

Barry used the following equipment to dominate the Electric 1/8 classes!

1/8 Eletric Buggy: Tekin Rx8 T8 2050 powered Mbx6 Eco with Protek Batteries, Ko radio equipment.

1/8 Electric Truggy: Tekin Rx8 T8 2000 powered Mbx6T Eco with Protek Batteries, Ko radio equipment.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tekin's Andy Castellini takes the 2012 ROAR Region 2 Mod Stadium Title!

Andy Castellini had a great day at East Coast Hobbies in Winchester, Virginia.  The fresh clay, well groomed track was technical and fast.  It required smart driving, a smooth power band to tame the infield, and quick acceleration to clear traffic. Andy had his Tekin RS Pro powered AE Truck on rails all weekend setting the TQ to beat in Mod Truck and then going on to win both A Mains for the Title.  Andy chose the 7.5 Redline Motor combined with the Hotwire programming for his RS Pro for his winning combination.

In addition to the TQ & WIN in Stadium Truck, Andy was able to qualify his Tekin Powered 2 Wheel and 4 Wheel Associated Buggies into 2nd position in “A” Main, finishing up the “Double A Main’s” in second as well….Tekin does it AGAIN!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Andy Castellini taking home some green at the Bumps and Jumps Elite Electric Challenge

Team Tekin driver Andy Castellini getting some good old fashion CASH money for taking  TQ in Mod Truck and finishing 2nd in three class( Mod Truck, 2 Wheel Mod Buggy and 4 Wheel Mod Buggy ) at the Bumps and Jumps Elite Electric Challenge.The multi-surface track along with the Tekin Hotwire made for some fast and easy RS-Pro programming which helped get the tune and braking just right. The precision driving that followed was simply awesome. Watch the precision driving at around the 8:00 mark...Andy showing major patience and waiting for a mistake to be made, getting that chance and taking full advantage to take 2nd.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tekin goes Psycho on the competition at the Psycho Nitro Blast 5!

Tekin powered Adam Drake would put his TLR 8.0 2.0E Buggy on the pole after qualifying. Adam was  out front early on trailed by the pack. Fellow Tekin teammate Jeremy Kortz in his Tekin powered Agama was on the move starting from the 5th position. Tekin European driver Renaud Sevoya would also move up in the field from this 7th position on the grid. After time expired Adam Drake would take the overall win with his Tekin/TLR ride, Jeremy Kortz with his Tekin/Agama ride, and Renaud Sevoya in his Tekin/Xray car. Proving that Tekin power is the power equipment chosen by top racers all over the world! All 3 drivers were using the Rx8 Esc and Tekin 1900 T8 motors.

With the Rx8 & 2000 Tekin T8 in Tekin team driver Barry Pettit's Mugen Mbx6Te Barry turned a unheard of 49 second lap and then backed it up with a 48.5! A 48.5! This was the fastest laps of anyone else at the event, nitro or electric. Barry would go on to TQ the E-truggy class, win both mains and take the overall win!

Barry Pettit(Center), Martin Harrison(left)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tekin Tq's and takes the win at the 3rd Annual Outback Shootout

The 3rd Annual Outback Shootout race as held up in Chico, Ca. With over 250 entries this year it would be the largest Shootout to date. Racers from all over California and Nevada made the trip to the facility that is A Main Hobbies home track. The indoor facility has some of the most consistent dirt in the region that helps keep the racing fast fun and clean.

Tekin team driver Phillip Atondo would put his TLR 22T on pole in the re-energized Mod Stadium truck class. Phil would Tq overall and would lead the race from start to finish. Phil was using a Tekin RS Pro and Redline 7.5 motor to power him to an overall win. Phil would also take down a solid 2nd place in Mod 2wd Buggy with his Tekin RS Pro Redline powered TLR 22 having a roll over in the wagon wheel giving local racer "Mini Mod" breathing room over Phil who would take 2nd easily.

Jason "Mo" Moberly would Tq the 4wd SC Class with his Tekin Rx8 Pro 4 powered Losi Ten SCT-e. Jason and Team manager Randy Pike  would lay down the fastest laps of the weekend in this class dipping into the 17.0's with only the 4wd mod buggies better those lap times. Nearly every driver in the A-main was using a Tekin Rx8 and Pro 4 motor.

Tekin Tq's and sweeps the podium at RD1 of the JBRL Series!

Tekin power sweeps the podium in the Expert 4wd Shortcourse class at Round #1 of the JBRL!

Nick Blais running Tekin RX8 ESC and Pro-4 TQ'd the class this past weekend at Round #1 of the JBRL series at OC/RC  Raceway. Ryan Dunford was 2nd qualifier with his Tekin Pro-4 powered Losi SCTE and Casper lined up 3rd with his RX8 and Pro-4 powered Losi SCTE.  A bobble by Nick on the first lap allowed Dunford to get inside and a little contact and Nick was on his lid. This allowed Dunford and Casper to get by and check out. Dunford led the rest of the race with Casper in 2nd.  Dunford's Tekin Pro-4 powered SCTE was on rails and laid down lap times that were on pace for 2wd mod buggies.  Casper finished the 6 min main only 7 seconds behind.  Chris Blais (Nick's brother) worked his way up from starting 5th to the podium with his Losi SCTE also powered by Tekin RX8 ESC and Pro-4 motor.

Monday, March 5, 2012

John LoGuidice and Nick Vasquez take Rd2 of the Michigan State Champs Series

Round 2 of the Michigan State Championship Series Dirt Burner Racing in Livonia, MI.Team With 160+ entries from all over Michigan, Ohio,Indiana, and Pennsylvania. Team Driver Johnny LoGuidice would take the win in 4wd SC lapping the entire field. Johnny was running a Tekin RX8 with a Pro 4 4000 motor.

  Nick Vasquez would Tq and win the 1/8 E- Buggy class with over 30 entries. Nick also put a lap down on the field with his Tekin RX8 and T8 1700kv powered HotBodies Ve8. "I would like to thank John LoGiudice Sr. and Johnny LoGiudice for the track side support setting up my Electric and Nitro Buggies. I couldn't of done it with you guys!" Nick

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tekin powers the winners of the 2012 Georgia Championship Series Rd2

The Georgia Championship Series Round 2 was held at Battlefield Raceway. WIth over 125+ entries the race would be one of the largest in the region.

Mark Moon took the win in 1/10th 2WD 13.5 buggy class after a heat battle with Tq Josh Albey. Blane Allen took the bump from the B and ran away from the field finishing 3rd! Both Drivers were using the Tekin RS and Redline 13.5 motor.

Tekin Team Driver Bo McCain Tq'd the heavily contested 17.5 2wd SC Class. Going into the main Bo would have a few rough laps allowing fellow Tekin Team driver Mark Moon to take the lead. On his heels was Team Driver Blane Allen finishing less than a second behind after the race time expired. Tekin would Tq and win the 17.5 2wd SC Class! Congrats Mark! All drivers were using the RS and 17.5 Redline motor.