Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Phillip Atondo and Jacob Haas Tq and win at the 2011 Offroad Kings!

Norcal Hobbies hosted the 2011 Annual Offroad Kings race as a nationals warm up event. The event went off without a hitch and proved to have some great racing battles.

Phil Atondo took his Tekin powered Losi Ten Scte to the overall Tq in the Pro 4 SCT class. Phil went out to easily take A1 and A2 by nearly a lap each round! Proving once again the Pro 4 is in a class of it's own!

Jacob Haas having just signed with Tekin days prior to the event took his Tekin powered TLR 22 to a Tq and overall win in the Open 2wd Mod buggy class. Jacob used a Tekin RS Pro and 10.5 Redline to take the win. Shon Wilcox taking 2nd overall with his Tekin powered TLR 22 as well. Great racing guys!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Team Tekin driver Stuart Harlow takes TQ and centre podium position at round 4 of the UK Short Course nationals!

With 3 SC National TQ's and a win at the hot & dusty Adur track Tekin is proving yet again to be the Speedo and motor to beat. Taking TQ and the first 2 legs of the A final the RX8 and SC4 motors were just too much for the opposition.

Ryan Lutz checks in from the Ohio R/C Pro Series @ Medina R/C Raceway

"In 4wd Pro Mod Short Course all eyes were on my DESC410R. This thing is just stupid fast and has so much get up and go. For one the truck is simply the fastest truck in this class and everyone is beginning to realize this. Also I was again running my Tekin RX8 Speedo with the new 4 pole motor and it just flat out flies. People were amazed at the speed this thing has especially being a 540 can. I was able to throw down a 28.6 with my SC truck and my best lap in buggy was a 27.4! I was able to dominate qualifying to the tune of an 18 second TQ. In the main the guys behind me battled it out and I took off to a 1.5 lap win in 7 minutes. I let a handfull of people try my truck during the weekend and they were all amazed at it’s performance. They also couldn’t believe how smooth and fast the new 4 pole Tekin motor is. All of them before the race were running various makes and models of other SC trucks. After this race they are all getting a Durango with the new Tekin 4 pole when it becomes available shortly. I know they will be pleased! " Ryan Lutz

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Andrew Mowery takes the MN Electric OffRoad State Championship

Andrew used his Tekin powered B44.1 to takt the MN State title in 4wd Mod Buggy. 

"Definatly the fastest and a pin , grin hold on to win class.. Had great runs in quals and TQ'd.. Started the main at the front, 2nd and third looked like they were going to hang tight but fumbled early..Joe Jr held close for a good third of the race then stumbled letting me breath a bit and take care of the car resulting in a very nice win. All mains are 9 minutes, no issues with motor or speedo heat. pure smooth power when needed with incredible reliability." Andrew Mowery

Tekin cleans house at the 2011 Westside Challenge III NCT round 3

Dave Gullickson would take the Tq and overall win in the Stock Truck division using a Tekin RS Pro and Redline 17.5 motor. Dave would get out to the lead and never look back taking A1 and A2.

Dave would also Tq mod truck with the same RS Pro 17.5 Redline combination. His luck however would only last him through A1 taking the win. A2 he would DNF due to a mechanical finishing in last place. A3 Dave would again have an issue 1 1/2 minutes in while getting marshalled his sensor harness would fail. Normally this would be a DNF but because he's using Tekin he continued to motor on taking 2nd place in A3 and 2nd place overall.

Jesse Munn piloted his Tekin powered Venom Gambler to an overall win by taking the first to A mains. Jesse would also take 2nd place overall in 2wd Mod Buggy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tekin takes the Region 4 offroad titles at Coral Springs RC Raceway!

The 2011 ROAR Region 4 Championship were hosted at the Coral Springs RC Car Club. The event had over 170+ entries and was shaping up to be an event not to miss. Rain! Rain would poor down from the sky and would appear to destroy the track. But this would not deter the Coral Springs track crew! A few hours of track maintenance using some saw dust and they were racing! Great job track crew!

Tekin team driver Mike Applegate would Tq and take the Region 4 stock truck title using a Tekin RS and Redline 17.5 motor. Mike caused quite a stir with this winning combination hearing often in the pits "That can't be a 17.5." Congratulations Mike!
Photo courtesy of csrcc.com
Stock buggy would be dominated by young Jason Venezia. He would pilot his Tekin powered B4 to the overall Tq and win in the Region 4 stock buggy championship. Mike Applegate would finish right behind in in 2nd place. Congratulations Jason and Mike. Keep an eye on young Jason at only 9 years old he's starting to put together a nice string of victories....
photo courtesy of csrcc.com

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tekin drivers take the hardware at the 2011 Hot Rod Shootout!

Tekin drivers were out in force at the 2011 Hot Rod Shootout hosted as always by Jimmy Babcock and the crew at Hot Rod Hobbies. With over 270 entries this race had great attendance by many top pro drivers even though worlds are next week. As always Jimmy and crew held one of the premier events of the year.

Pro 4 Short Course was dominated by Tekin in qualifying with Tekin powered TLR factory pilot Frank Root taking the overall Tq in the class. Team Durango's Billy Fischer would take A1, Tekin driver Ryan Lutz would take A2 by over 10 seconds in his Tekin powered Desc410r, A3 would have Fischer taking down the win with Lutz 2nd and Travis Amezcua 3rd. Ryan Lutz would take 2nd overall. Great Job Ryan. Ryan was using the new Tekin Pro 4 motor which was sited by all who witnessed it to be the "fastest truck on the track."
Photos courtesy of RedRc
Sportsman Pro 4 Short course was dominated by Tekin driver Aaron Eastman with his Tekin powered SC104x4 taking the overall Tq and win. Aaron used the 4.5 Sc4x and Rx8 esc. 11 year old David Jenson would also take 2nd palce using Tekin.
Photo courtesy of RedRc

Modified 4wd buggy was one of the most exciting classes to watch with many of the top pro drivers in attendance. Ryan Cavalieri would take the overall Tq. In A1 the "pass of the weekend" would be pulled off by Tekin factory driver Ryan Lutz with his Tekin powered Dex410. In the last corner of the last lap Lutz had pulled to within a car length of Cavalieri and over the last double jumped over him into the last corner to take the win at the line! Cav woudl take A2 from top to bottom. It was still anyone's race going into A3. Some exciting racing and mistakes would mix up the lead a few times with Cav taking the overall win, Ryan Lutz would finish 2nd overall with A-main Hobbies pilot Tyler Vik taking 3rd.
Photo courtesy of RedRC

Tekin factory driver Jason Smith took 3rd overall in the hotly contested Expert SCT 17.5 Stock division.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Derek Stephansen checks in from the RC Night Series at Modesto RC

Saturday Night was Rnd 2 of the Rc Night Series. There was a total 54 entries for the night I knew that it was time to get the job done with my Tekin Powered B4 and SC10. In qualifying I would go to TQ early on in both Open SCT and 2wd Buggy. I knew my SCT time was solid and good enough to most likely keep TQ but I knew but I knew my buggy time was at risk. In round 2 of qualifying for the night my TQ in buggy would beat by local Jason Smith running his 22 putting my TQ to rest by 10 second. I would closely follow 4 seconds behind after several mistakes. The last round of qualifying I attacked hard in buggy going 13 in 6:00 to take TQ and my SCT time would end up holding from the first round in qualifying.

Main times came and I was on pole for both SCT and Buggy. I knew that I had to keep solid runs together to come out solid for the night. First off was buggy and I would check out with my Tekin Powered 13.5 buggy to lead wire to wire with no mistakes and lapping the entire field with Jason Smith finishing in 2nd with Tekin power and my dad Greg Stephansen 3rd running Tekin Power as well.

Short Course Truck would end up being about the same as the buggy main, with myself checking out early on and never looking back with my Tekin Powered 10.5 SC10. I would lap most of the field besides second place who was my dad Greg Stephansen finishing second with Tekin power and local Mike Clark finishing 3rd with Tekin Power as well.

After the 2nd race of the series I lead both classes in poi nts by 6 so far after TQing and winning both classes in round 1 of the Rc Night Series as well. All in all it was great night. "Derek Stephansen

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2011 Jconcepts Summer Indoor Nats part 2 Recap by Randy Pike

Part #2 of the Jconcepts Summer Indoor Nats wrap up. 

Mod 2wd Buggy had an Amain heat stacked with top pro drivers. Tekin team driver Lloyd Dassonville would sit 7th with his Tekin powered Tq racing car. After local hot shot Tyler Vik made his way to the front the buzzer would sound with Lloyd sitting 5th overall.

17.5 NR 2wd Buggy was filled with some of the fastest local stock buggy drivers in the region. Ej Evans a local Onroad TOP driver was in attendance running his 2nd ever large offroad race using a Tekin powered B4. Clinty Riley would bump into the A using his Tekin powered Losi 22. Once the tone sounded it was fast racing for 10 minutes. Ej would end up 4th overall, Clint would improve his 9th starting grid position to finisish 7th.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2011 Jconcepts Summer Indoor Nats part 1 Recap by Randy Pike

Wow, back from yet another great event hosted by the Outback Raceway up in Chico, Ca. Over the 4th of July weekend the Jconcepts Summer Indoor Nationals would be held. Over 160+ race entries in all of the top classes would make for some great indoor racing around.

I didn't make it to open practice until lunch time or so. This would be more than fine since the track would change over the course of the next few hours. The track was to be ran without watering which meant we would be on smoothies by the time qualifying would happen. Sure enough by the end of practice smoothies were good for a few tenths of a second. My personal cars seemed to be working quite well since I was familiar with the track already. This allowed me to focus on the team drivers like Ryan Lutz, Phil Atondo, Lloyd Dassonville, and others. The team did have my back though hooking me up with a fine refreshing beverage!

Qualifying was going pretty well for the Tekin team with  Ryan Lutz setting overall Tq with his Pro 4 powered Desc410r to Tq runs in Rds 1 2 3 and 4 posting a run nearly 2 laps faster than 2nd place(Jason Ruona). Team driver Jason "Mo" Moberly would be sitting 3rd overall. The main would be hectic for the first few laps with the top guys all muscling for position. Ryan would run out in the lead from start to finish. Jason Moberly would have his hands full with "Hopper" and myself(sorry Mo!). In the end we all sorted it out. The race clock ended with Ryan Lutz taking the overall win an entire lap ahead of the field, Jason Moberly 4th, Randy Pike 5th.

Open 2wd Truck would have Philip Atondo setting the overall Tq with his Tekin powered Losi XXXTcr truck. Yours truly would be sitting 5th on the grid. Philip dropped out with a mechanical after lap one allowing the others to take over the positions. In the end I would end up 4th with my Tekin powered Losi XXXTcr truck.

4wd Mod would have top pro drivers up from Socal looking to battle with the top fast locals which included Tekin drivers Lloyd Dassonville and Ryan Lutz.  Ryan would be sitting 6th overall which was great since we struggled to find an electrical gremlin in his car all through qualifying. Lloyd was 9th fastest. The mains were filled with so much action I can't recall all of it. I hope someone got this on video!  In the last few minutes Ryan would be up to 2nd place looking for a place to pass or a mistake to be made by Josh Numan. During this Ryan would loose a motor wire connection in the last 30 seconds ending his charge to the front. This was Ryan's first time running for 10 minutes in his Dex410 buggy in competition. Lloyd would also fall to a mechanical issue around lap 21. Look for more of Ryan and his Tekin powered Team Durango Dex410 this week at the Hot Rod Shootout!
Courtesy of RC Insider