Friday, October 28, 2011

Privateer Alain Sarafyna checks in from the Turkish Off-road Championships

Alain Sarafyan piloted his Tekin powered HPI Vorza 1/8 Buggy to an overall 1st place! Alan used the Rx8 esc and T8 2250 motor to power him to victory in all 4 races.

The race was scheduled from July 3rd ending September 4th. The 4 stage event as hosted by Snappy Raceway in Istanbul / Turkey.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jeremy "PG" Potter Dominates the 11th Annual Mapston Memorial!

Held in Spokane Washington the 11th Annual Dave Mapston Memorial race was held October 21-23rd.
In 1/8 Buggy Jeremy Potter would dominate Rd1 qualifying by over 18 seconds. Rd 2 was no different other than he managed a 24 second gap with his Tekin Powered Hotbodies Ve8! Jeremy would sit out Rd3 and focus on the triple A mains. While leading in A1 Jeremy suffered a mechanical (skid plate) he would come back with a vengeance in Rd 2 taking the overall win by lapping all the way up to 2nd place. In A3 Jeremy would again put down lap times that would allow him to lap up to 5th to take the overall win. Team Tekin would power the Top 8 in e-buggy with Rx8's and T8 motors.

TQ & 1st Place Jeremy Potter Ve8, Rx8 & 1900 T8
2nd Place: John Karschney Mugen Eco, RX8 and T8
3rd Place: Mike Dana RC8Be, RX8 and T8

Other Tekin Results:

1/10 Mod Truck

TQ & 1st place: Jordan Hestness: AE T4, RS Esc and Redline 8.5

4wd SCT

1st place: Christopher Reynolds, Durango DESC 4x4. Pro 4 4000KV motor
2nd place: Nick Beuchler, AE 4x4. RX8 and SC4x 4.5
3rd place: Shane Preugschat, Losi SCTE. RX8 and SC4x 4.5

Brandon Alveshere podiums at the Final Round of the Minnesota Nitro Series

Brandon qualified 2nd and finished 2nd in the 1/8th electric buggy class! Quite a feat considering it was his first race meet with his Tekin Powered Xray 808e. Over 148 total entries for the weekend. Great job Brandon.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jeremy Felles is Region 8 1/8 E buggy Champ!

Jeremy Felles reports on the Roar Region 8 Regionals hosted by the Omaha HobbyPlex this past weekend Jeremy Tq'd  3 of 4 rounds. Jeremy ended up with the Overall Tq and win in Electric 1/8 Buggy with his Tekin Powered Hotbodies Ve8!

Monday, October 24, 2011

RD 1 of the MAM series with Paul Timberlake.

Paul Timberlatke checks in after having just started their Winter Series over the weekend. Round 1 of this years MAM series took place at the impressive multi surface venue, Kidderminster MCC. With the Indian summer continuing over this weekend the 80 drivers booked in enjoyed temperatures of 27 degrees!!! Paul Qualified 7th in the A taking 3rd in the main of 2wd Mod buggy.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Jubal Dike wins the Great Pumpkin Race!

"This was the largest class of the event with 23 entries. Starting 5th in the A I decided I was going to make a hard push to the front early so the leaders didn't get away early. This played out well for me, after the second lap I had takin the lead and started stretching the gap. I would continue on uncontested and lapping the entire 12 truck field, except 2nd and 3rd which were 9 and 20 seconds back! My Tekin RX8/Pro4 powered Ofna Nexx 10SC was a rocket ship and was on rails! As always I have to thank Ofna, Tekin, Avid, BCE and Fastlane Graphix for their awesome support and products! They help me go fast and look good every week!"  Jubal Dike

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jubal Dike wins the Great Pumpkin warm up race!

Jubal " I was confident in my Tekin Pro4 powered Nexx 10 as long as I drove smart. That's exactly what I did. Early into the 10 min main there were several lead changes between myself, and a few others. After a few laps we settled in and my Ofna teammate, Brian Bourland, had the lead. I worked my way up to his bumper and when he opened the door I slid by for the lead. This is the way it would stay. Two Ofna Nexx 10's with Tekin horsepower and AKA rubber going 1-2!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ryan Lutz pulls out the Trifecta at the North Carolina Series Finals 1

Ryan Lutz touches base with his race report fromNorth Carolina Series Finals   @ the Badlands in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

4wd SC Open – Ran my Tekin Pro 4 powered Durango DESC410R for the first time in at least a month and it just felt like I hadn’t taken the time off with it at all. It was flying around this track and the on-lookers were amazed at the speed of the Tekin equipped Durango. In the first qualifier they had the minimum lap set at 33 seconds and for some reason they were never mentioning my name during the race even as I was passing everyone. Come back to see the race results and every one of my laps that did count was a 62. So I was getting 31 second lap times at least! In the second round when the bite came up I was able to get down into the 29 second lap times on occasion which was just about 1.5 seconds off my Nitro and E-Buggy! I was able to TQ all 3 rounds. In the A-main they were running it for 10 minutes! I’m lucky to make 7:30 with my car if i’m really driving it so I was a bit leery of trying to make 10. I ran the race trying never to pull past 1/4 throttle. Down the straight I let off the gas completely 1/2 way down and just let it cost the rest of the way. (Good thing my Tekin Pro 4 was fast enough to already be flying at that point!) I drove it easy and was able to finish the full 10 minutes and win by a couple laps on the field of 15.

E-Scale Buggy – My  Tekin powered Durango DEX408 prototype was loving this track. Everyone kept stopping by my pit area to ask me if they could look at it but unfortunately i’m still having to keep it under wraps. Hopefully it will be out soon because I know there is a lot of interest in this vehicle, and rightfully so! In Qualifying I was able to take the first two rounds to take the overall TQ for the class. In the main I ran back to back SC and E-Buggy. I didn’t do any practice laps in E-Buggy because I was going to change tires really quick before the main but realized quickly that I didn’t have what I thought I had and thus I just left on the tires I had ran all day. So the first couple laps I struggled trying to find my E-Buggy finger having just babied around the SC truck for 10 minutes. I fell into a battle with the top 3 and we battled for the first couple laps until I got by and they both made a mistake on the back right jump section and I never looked back. I began extending my lead and I think by the end of the 10 minute main I had put a lap on the field! Another win for the Prototype Tekin Powered Durango DEX408!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Joor TQ's & Wins RC Pro US 16 Electric, Furthers Points Lead For Finals

The RC Pro US Series 16 took place 9/23 in Harlingen Texas and this race was turning out to be quite crucial for David Joor. David wanted to continue his points lead to defend his RCP Electric National Title. Two years ago when David got into electric 8th scale he won the RCP Finals and in 2010 took home the RCP Electric National Title. The points setup has changed this year which meanstso David was leading the points with Mitchel Gardner in 2nd (whom was fierce competition @ last years Finals) and Jake Dillinger. So I grabbed my Associated 8.2's and took the venture down south. David took TQ in electric by winning each round but Dillinger didn't make this easy. 
David took the 1st electric main but Dillinger made a charge back in the second main to take the win so it was all up to the 3rd main. In the third main David lost control of the car in the most difficult section of the track that and went over the pipe and had a head on collision with 4th place! Getting back on the other side he continued to follow Dillinger for 2 laps literally a foot or two behind in each corner trying to make him crack and right when David began to think he wasn't going to he traction rolled in the sweeper and cartwheeled off the track. So David went on to win the 3rd main and this has given me maximum points of 218 going into the finals because he TQ'd, lead most laps, and won two RCP events. Dillinger and Gardner are now tied for second with 210.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Derek Stephansen wins big at the Race for a Cure at Modesto RC Raceway!

This past Saturday Derek and other Tekin team drivers participated in the Race For A Cure at Modesto RC Raceway which brought in a 148 total entries. After 2 rounds of qualifying Tekin Powered Phillip Atondo(TLR) would take Tq in 2wd Mod buggy, Derek 2nd. Derek Stephansen would take TQ honors in 4wd Mod Buggy.

2wd Buggy A1 Phillip and  Derek would start battling for the first minute or so intill Phillip bobbled allowing Derek to get out front and slowly build up a slight lead. In the closing minute Derek would bobble while out front allowing Eddie Bernal to take A1. A2 would have Derek out front early taking the win in  A2. A3 was probaly one of the most intense battles of the night with the front runners all batlling for the lead. Derek would bobble over the demanding quad allowing Johnathan Hernandez and Eddie Bernal to get by. Derek would chase down  Eddie quickly.The leaders battled out nose to tail for the next four minutes. A3 would end with Johnathan in 1st, Eddie second, and Derek in third. Derek Stephansen would end up winning 2wd mod Buggy with the tie breaker over Eddie Bernal!

In Mod 2wd SCT Derek Stephansen would start from the fifth spot in A1 and would quickly work his way up to second behind TQ Eddie Bernal and would finish there. In A2 Derek would be able to get out early from the start and hold on over a hard charging James Arluck to take the win in A2. A3 would once again be a battle between Derek and Eddie Bernal once again going at it, with both bobbles and recoveries from both. As time expired Derek would win giving him the overall Mod 2wd SCT title!

In 4wd buggy Derek would make several mistakes in A1 allowing Cody and Jason Smith to get by, dropping him to 3rd. Derek had better luck in A2 checking out from pole to take the win. A3 Derek would once again check out but a minute in he would have mechanical issue pulling out of the race and giving Austin Blair the win for A3. Overall Derek would end up 3rd in this class.

Derek " I was super happy to be able to put both Tekin Esc's and Tekin Motors on Top!!"

Salvas Brothers win at the Lord of Late Model race in Illinois!

The two day two race event where points determined the Lord of Late Models! The first event held at Maryville Steve Salvas took 1st while Eric Salvas got 3rd. The next day at Allens RC Steve Salvas would take 2nd while Eric would once again take 3rd. After all of the points were totaled Steve Salvas would take the overall win! Brother and fellow Tekin/Cutom Works teammate Eric Savlas would take 2nd!

The late model class a new 4wd class was 13.5 open. The Tekin Rs's was the esc of choice for all!!!

Some Vid of the mains: