Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tekin signs Xray Factory Pilot Josh Wheeler!

We would like to welcome Josh Wheeler to our team! Josh has already experienced the smoothness of the Tekin Rx8 T8 combination at the 2010 Silver State race where Josh Tq'd and nearly one having to settle for 2nd after an "incident" with a corner marhsal.

Josh will be piloting the latest Xray 808e and Rc Monster Xray 808T at the ROAR 1/8 Nationals hosted at Norcal Hobbies and Raceway.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Graham North takes the win the Round 5 North West Regional win!

Round 5 North West Regional win!

Sunday the 25th of July was the 5rd round of the BRCA North West Regional Championships held at the Southport Radio Car Club.

 After 4 rounds of qualifying Graham was sitting 2nd behind Colin May. The start was fairly regulation until half way around the lap, when Gareth Hill muscled past dropping me down to 3rd, but only a couple of corners latter he made a mistake, allowing me back to chase Colin. It was on lap 2 that all hell broke loose. Colin threw it off the track and at the same time there was a huge crash behind me, the outcome being I was leading by about 8 seconds. From this point I didn’t really look back, just regulating the gap and only doing what was needed and certainly not troubling many apexes!

The race finished with me taking my first in my Tekin powered Durango Dex410 it's first North West Regional win. A nice birthday present! Fellow Tekin Driver Stu Evans finished third.

Thanks to Paul Rotheram for the pictures.

Monday, August 23, 2010

BRCA TC Round 4

Johnny Bowden reigning Pro Stock champion takes the top spot with his Tekin Powered Hot Bodies over X-Ray driver and pole man Andy Murray . Andy struggled to match the Hot Bodies driver in the finals and had to settle for second ahead of the Associated TC5 of young star Zak Smith. The series now moves on to West London next month were the championship will be decided.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kenny Ferris is the new Stock Buggy ROAR National Champion!

Kenny Ferris drove his Tekin powered TQ Racing buggy to Tq position at the ROAR National Offroad Champs held in Joliet, IL at Leisure Hours Raceway.

Kenny's Tekin powered Tq car was dialed in A1. Kenny jumped out to a huge lead and cruised to his first win. A2 Kenny went to different tires that were a bit looser than A1 but Kenny held on and again got out to a small lead and never put a tire in the wrong position. Kenny is the new ROAR National Champion in Stock Buggy.

Congrats Kenny!

Friday, August 20, 2010

DJ Clark dominates the 1/8 Electric class again!

DJ Clark took a third win in 1/8 Electric Buggy to top off his weekend. Again he was pushed to the limit by Justin Martinez, Justin bobbled at the start and Clark drove conservatively to insure his win, but Martinez had other plans. He closed in and forced Clark to pick up the pace, Clark crashed and Martinez took the lead, then as Clark battled back Martinez crashed and allowed Clark back by for the final time and Clark cruised to the win. The entire podium was using the Tekin Rx8 and T8 Redline Motor line!

info supplied from sweetwaterrc

Thursday, August 19, 2010

David Joor wraps up the RC Pro Series South Division!

After Tq'ing and winning the first 2 rounds of the RC Pro series bad luck in round 3 wouldn't matter. David had some of the worst racing luck in a series race having multiple random mechanical failures during the 3rd event. David had nothing to worry about because Tq'ing and winning the two previous rounds solidified his overall Pro Series win!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kev Lee throws down at the BRCA Nationals held at Stotfold!

Team Tekin's Kev Lee dominates at Stotfold!

The final round of this years BRCA National Series headed to Hertfordshire held at the Stotfold R/C club.

National finalist Kev Lee Tq'd with his Tekin powered X Factory car from fellow Xfactory team mate Ellis Stafford and Tamiya's Lee Martin third respectively.
In A1 Ellis would take the win with Kev Lee right on his heels. The positions would be the opposite for A2 when Kev broke away from the pack led by Ellis which would make A3 a must for either Kev or Ellis to take the overall win. Kev once again would show the power of the Tekin electronics running away again from the field taking the overall win ahead of Ellis and the rest of the drivers.

In 4wd Kev Lee again would take overall Tq with his Tekn powered Team Xtreme Predator ahead of Schumacher’s Simon Moss (2nd), Lee Martin’s Tamiya(3rd), and the Associated of Paul Bradby(4th).

Kev would run away with A1 and A3 taking the overall win. Kev was simply at a different level this weekend with his Tekin powered Predator.

Great Job Kev!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Michael Malott Takes it to the Competition at the Mafia Mayhem Trophy Race

Michael Malott dominates the Mafia Mayhem Trophy Race held at Reo Raceway in Rockport, IN.

From Mike:

I decided to run both stock and mod so I just left my 17.5 Tekin Redline motor in and ran it in both classes.  I was qualified in the 4th overall spot. The 1st "A" I was able to get through all the rough driving and keep my head in the game. I got to second place and was reeling in the leader. I caught the leader and made the pass on him and was ready to get a good finish and start the mains off right. With about 1 minute to go I had an 8 second lead and was in cruise mode. I ended up loosing a front wheel bearing and my front wheel that ended my good run. The 2nd "A" started off terrible and I got taken out in the first corner and popped off a ball cup. The marshal got it fixed and threw me back out on the track and by this time I was almost a full lap down to the leader. I knew that I had a rough race on my hands so I just put my head down and started charging. By the halfway point traffic was cleared out and I stayed patient and made my moves where I could. I was turning the fastest laps of the race and was making my moves. With 30 seconds to go I had made up all the time and was about 5 seconds behind the leader. I knew I was faster then him and just needed a chance to close the gap. It was a little too late and right as I crossed the line about 10ft behind the leader I got caught by the line and had to settle for second. The winner of the 2nd round also won the first round so he set out the 3rd round. I went on to win the 3rd round by almost a full lap to end up 2nd overall for the stock corr class.

The mod corr class was a lot better as far as traffic and the driving. While still using my Tekin RS and Redline 17.5 I was able to get out and start to put distance on the rest of the field. Once I got into traffic it was a totally different story from the stock class. I was able to get through the traffic easily and ran a great first qual and ended up TQ for the round. Right before the 2nd rounds they put some water on the track and it was totally different. The 2nd qualifier started out really good and I went on to raise the TQ to up a little over 10 seconds from the 1st round. The 3rd qual started off good and I got out on the field and was trying a couple different lines in the rhythm section and it did not turn out so well as I broke a rear arm by casing a jump. I ended up TQ for the mod corr class while using the Tekin RS and Redline 17.5!  The 1st "A" I got a good jump on the field and kept the hammer down and had an almost flawless run and ended up winning the 1st round. The 2nd round started the same way and I was able to get away from the field once again. I just played it safe and knew that I had a big lead and I if I went on to win the 2nd round I would take the overall. I took the win and ended up 1st overall in the mod corr class, again with a Redline 17.5!

The 1/8 electric buggy was the most highly contested class of the night and I knew I had to have my "A" game to be there in the end.  I had an awesome qualifying and ended up setting TQ. The 1st "A" started off good and I was running a pretty good race. I started making some mistakes and that allowed the 2nd place guy to catch up and put a lot of pressure on me. I ended up 2nd by .8 seconds. The 2nd round I was able to get out clean and was laying down a blistering pace and had a great run going. I had the car dialed in and went on to win the 2nd "A" main. Tied for points going into the 3rd round and it was going to come down to who would pull it out. The 3rd round again started off good and I was able to get away clean. The rest of the field was battling it out and let me get away to about a 12 second lead so I started to calm down and put it on cruise and it almost cost me. I started making a lot of mistakes trying to play it safe and with about a minute to go 2nd place was closing in on me. I ended up crossing the line about 5 seconds in front of him and had a nice little victory lap to calm the nerves. I ended up taking TQ and the "A" win with a 1-1. I would like to again thank you guys for all your support.  My Tekin electronics were awesome all night and I never had an issue.

Great Job Mike!

Martin Harrison podiums the RC Pro Series South Division!

There were over 32 in electric buggies racing the last round of the South Division Pro Series race at Finishline Raceway. Martin Harrison qualified 7th. After making some esc and car setup changes Martin was able to work his way up in the triple A-Mains. Martin finished 3rd overall by taking a 3rd in my first main, 2nd in his second and third mains. This was the final round of the south division, and all of the divisional contenders were there.

Martin " I was able to drop the motor temps by 20 plus degrees with software adjustments. The new software is awesome! "

Great Job Martin!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pete Waydo heads the M-Chassis enduro class!

The M-Chassis Enduro at the Tamiya Track went great and was some of most fun I've ever had RC racing. Our team of club racers was running a solid 6th out of 16 entries behind a bunch of TCS greats and the likes of Barry Baker! We were like the Bad News Bears. Our gearbox gave up at about hour 5 and the repair cost us a couple of positions taking nearly 45 minutes to repair.

The FX -- it performed flawlessly for the entire time, and only occasionally showed 3 LEDs running on asphalt on a 100-degree day. We were one of the few teams that went the distance on just one motor and I'm know the FX was a big part of that allowing superior brushe/comm wear using the required Tamiya silver can motors.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Team Tekin driver Andy Castellini captures the Electric 8th Buggy “TQ “ & a Nitro Truggy “TQ”. He then backed up his TQ runs by winning both the Electric 8th Buggy and the Nitro Truggy “A” Mains. All the action was at Hobby Hut Raceway located in Audubon, Pa, as they hosted Round Five of the Roar Region 2 1/8th Pro-Series Races. The RC8e was powered by a TEKIN RX8 with a 2000KV Tekin Truggy motor.  JConcepts Subcultures provided excellent traction on a track that was worn down from a half season on racing and some hard weather.

Great job Andy!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Two new ROAR National Titles for the Tekin RS esc!

The Tekin RS was the speedo of choice at the ROAR Paved Nationals last weekend. Over 70% of the entire race group were using the Tekin RS line of esc's.

Brian Shook would lock down the first ROAR title in Expert WGT using a Tekin RS. Brian had a flawless run in A3 to secure his ROAR title. Congratulations Brian!

Mark Burt travelled all the way from Florida to attend the ROAR Paved Nats. Mark was rewarded for his hard work with the highly competitive Expert TC 17.5 class Tq ing with his blazing fast laptimes. Mark would have stiff competition from Martin Crisp, Cory Harpke, James Arluck, and Ej Evans. Mark locked it down in A3 with a near faultless run securing the National Title! Congratulations

Both Brian's and Mark's ROAR Paved National winning setups will be posted on the Tekin website shortly.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tekin goes 1-2 in Open Truck at the Jconcepts Summer Nationals!

Team drivers Nathan "The Machine" Lavery and team manager Randy Pike go 1-2 in the 8 minute A-main at the Jconcepts Summer Nationals held at Outback Raceway.

Both drivers dominated qualifying taking turns running some of the fastest laps in Mod Truck. Nathan was actually running a 13.5 Tekin Redline motor while taking the overall Tq! Randy was using a new 11.5T Redline motor.

Both drivers were using the RS esc in their trucks, programmed by a Tekin Hotwire running the latest 208 software.