Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Doug "Casper" Nielsen wins Pro 2 SC at the Surf City Classic!

Pro 2 SC:
"Well I had a great weekend at the Surf City. I won Pro-2 SC.  Started 2nd on the grid. After a few bobbles to start the race I put enough pressure on the leader to take over thelead and never looked back. The Tekin Powered XXX-SCT was awesome.The Tekin power was too much for the field and I got the win.

Pro-4 SC: 

"I struggled in qualifying trying to run slicks and it just made the truck too hard to drive. As a result I ended up having to start 6th on the grid. In warm up practice on main day I switched to treaded tires and truck was much easier to drive. After a few hang ups with traffic to start the race I was able to run up to 3rd spot and hang there until the leader broke and was able to then move up to second. I was running on pace with the new leader but my starting position ended up being the difference at the end and I had to settle for 2nd only about 4 second back. The new Pro-4 4600 motor really performed well and gave me all the power I could ask for but also had the control I needed to get round the tricky parts of the track." Doug Casper Nielisen

Monday, August 1, 2011

Tekin Tq's and dominates the ROAR Region 11 Regional Championship took place this past weekend in Spokane, WA

"The race was a 1/8 only event so I entered in just the 1/8 E-Buggy class with my Hot Bodies Ve8 and Tekin RX8 and T8 1900 KV Motor. There were drivers from all over the Northwest and Canada
gunning for the win. The track flowed very well and had some very tricky sections that . Through out qualifying I was still trying to get a grip on the track but I still managed to TQ a round and ended up 2nd on the grid for the triple A-Mains. In A1 I was able to get into the lead early and pulled a 12 second lead just over the halfway mark when a mechanical issue hit me and I was forced to retire. In A2 once again I jumped out front early on and ran away with the race, taking the win and setting up a showdown between me and the TQ who won A1. I was able to take the lead early in A3 but I made a few un-timely errors and fell back abit. I was able to reel the leader back in abit but just didn't have enough and had to settle for 2nd place and 2nd overall. My Tekin equipment ran great all weekend long in the 90+ degree weather and Tekin was able to sweep the podium in dominating fashion!" Jeremy Potter

1. Brian Munn (Tekin powered)
2. Jeremy Potter (Tekin)
3. Nick Buechler(Tekin)

Jubal Dike brings home the bacon at the "Cash Money" race in JCP in Edinburg, IN

" In Pro Ebuggy, my first two qualifiers left me sitting 3rd and a little off pace. After some adjustments I bettered my time by more than 20 secs which still left me Q3 but back up to speed with TQ Brian Seitz (Mugen ECO), Q2 Brian Bourland (Hyper 9e) and Q4 was Dan Rennekamp (Nexx8).  At the tone to start the main, I found myself upside down in the third corner and watched the entire field drive by. Not a good start to say the least but 10 minutes is a long time so I just got back going and settled into my pace. Not but just a few laps in I was really clicking off some super fast laps and had quickly reeled in the leader, Bourland, and took over the top spot. I built a comfortable lead and was able to close out the deal with my fellow Ofna teammate Brian Bourland in second. This win felt pretty good considering I was a full lap off pace in the beginning of the day and was able to make the right car and driver adjustments to pull this off. " Jubal

1st.  Jubal Dike Hyper 9E(Tekin)
2nd. Brian Bourland Hyper 9E
3rd.  Tony Newland  Losi 8E